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SoCS Another Rough Night

Your prompt for #JusJoJan the 28th and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “throw in the towel.” Use the phrase “throw in the towel” somewhere in your post. Enjoy!

Our girls-Brandy and Whiskey

I’m so ready to throw in the towel with these darn dogs!

I love my dogs, y’all know I do, but two nights in a row added to more from last week have me ready to throw in the towel on how to get them well. I don’t know if they don’t like our new lifestyle, or they have picked up something at one of the dog parks, but every night, we are up and down all night taking someone to the bathroom.

As you know, here in the new location, the dog park is kind of a hike from our site, and many times we can’t get them to just “go” outside the door around our motor home. So off one or the other of us goes-the past two nights it’s been Whiskey- to the dog park at 2 or 3am. In addition to that, now Whiskey won’t eat. Brandy is still getting over pancreatitis, she has two more doses of her medication to go, and her appetite is fine. Wth is going on with Whiskey now?? She is so psychotic with her eating habits on a normal basis, it’s almost funny. Every night she does what we call The Dance. First, she begs us until we feed them, only to watch Brandy eat her food while Whiskey ignores hers. Then, she will wait a while, sniff everything around the floor and near her bowl, sort of sneak up on it, before finally eating it. This behavior has only gotten worse over time. And that is only if she eats at all. And when we were feeding her table scraps, she would act like she was scared to death of it before tentatively taking a bite. Weirdo.

She doesn’t act sick otherwise, except for night before last, she had the runs. Last night she wouldn’t eat her dinner, so her stomach growled all night, and two separate times one of us had to haul her down to the dog park. When I took her, around 3:30am, she only peed a couple of times. I heard some coyotes off in the distance, so I wondered if that was what got her up. Idk, but she still wouldn’t eat, so another bowl of food was wasted. She also has not eaten her breakfast today. Ugh. The difference between her and Brandy’s situation is that she is not shaking, in pain or distress, or panting and looking disoriented like Brandy did when we finally took her to the vet.

There is nothing interesting for them to see or really do here at this location. Not many dogs are around either, compared to Picacho. Could that be it, or maybe she is acting out because we’ve stopped giving them food from the table in an effort to keep them well. Brandy has been confirmed by lab tests to have too much fat in her blood, so we are giving her only her dog food and dog treats.

We don’t want to run to the vet with Whiskey since she doesn’t act sick, because it’s very expensive for one thing. But my goodness, we are almost walking zombies at this point! It’s also no fun for me to try to get comfortable and sleep after using my CBD to then have to come out of the fog, get up, get dressed, and walk a dog to the dog park in the cold, in the middle of the night. Dave is grouchy, no wonder, probably because he has also lost a lot of sleep, but he is the type that gets mad when he sees those he loves hurting and he can’t fix it. I think the dogs can sense this, but I can’t convince him to take anything to relax. And he more than dotes on these girls, they are like grand babies to him. I think he’s also ready to throw in the towel. But I wouldn’t want to find out what he would do if we lost either one of these girls. Say a prayer that things go back to normal soon!

This sad and confusing post was brought to you today by Linda G Hill for SoCS.

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All the Amenities

Thanks so much to Linda G Hill for using my prompt word for the JusJoJan blog post today! Click the link for rules on how to join in the fun, but hurry!

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 27th 2023, is “amenities.” Use the word “amenities” any way you’d like. Have fun!

When RVers are looking for what they want in a campground or RV resort, they look for hookups and amenities they need to fit into their lifestyle. In my opinion, one of the best sites for finding this information is RVLife and their handy app.

A partial s screenshot of their list of helpful information.

Once in the app, a page like this will pop up and from here you can see photos and reviews from other RVers, all the amenities, the gps coordinates, their website, and what kind of hookups are provided. Click on the website and the resort’s actual website will show more useful information like their address, photos, local attractions and more.

I guess we’ve been spoiled by how beautiful the resort at Picacho Peak is, because although this place has amenities we like, including golf, dog park, planned activities, heated swimming pool and hot tub, pickle ball courts, bocce ball and more, there is absolutely no decoration at our site. No cactus gardens, paved roads, palms and Palo Verde trees, or the gorgeous peak we wake up to every day. We are surrounded by mountains, but they are off in the distance-not their fault, but a short ten-minute drive is all it takes to drive through them. It’s sometimes dusty and kind of plain Jain but the people are wonderful here.

The office, activities center, pools, courts and dog park are centrally located, but not close to our site. The golf course is not part of the park, like I thought, but runs up to the resort. The resort is protected by a gate you need a code to enter, so that’s added security (which is nice) but you must drive out to go to the golf course. Another smaller course is across the freeway in Wellton, and another in The Foothills. Further still is the city of Yuma and they have some courses as well.

My CBD products.

We went shopping in The Foothills today, got Dave’s oil changed in the Jeep, went to the hardware and grocery store, and stopped in a CBD shop for me to stock up on gummies. They even had Giraffe Nuts- which I’ve been wanting to try. Those are a CBD infused caramel candy. We also had lunch in a nice and reasonably priced Asian restaurant. They had the best cream cheese wontons! I had almond chicken and it was very good. Not in brown sauce like my beloved Haltom Chinese back home, yet tasty just the same. I want to say the ingredients were fresher and did not emit any off putting smell.

All in all, it’s great park with all the amenities and plenty of local attractions and we’ve had a very good day after what was a pretty rough night with Whiskey. I’ll be glad when my girls are back to normal, but that’s a story for another day. ☺️

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Bloganuary 1-26-23 Hablando Español

What language do you wish you could speak?

I have been working on my Spanish on the app Duolingo off and on since 2014. I’m on a 1026 day streak and passing tests with ease. So why can I not speak it yet??

I can read and write pretty well, I comprehend the stories, I can do the speed tests. What I’m lacking is practice. I have no one to converse with anymore. I used to practice with my waiter at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Now we live on the road and rarely go out to eat. My husband stopped his lessons on the other app-Babbel-so now I have no one to practice with.

So what is the solution? I need to find time to practice saying all my lessons aloud, read more stories aloud, and maybe find someone at one of the parks that speaks the language and ask them to work with me.

Why do I want to learn this language? English was always easy for me in school. Then when I was in the service, I went to Korea and picked up the language quickly, well enough to go to town and interact, shop, and club hop. Now we live in a melting pot of mixed cultures, and being from Texas, we have more and more Spanish-speaking workers and neighbors every day. I would love to be able to talk with anyone speaking Spanish to me any time I’m in that situation. Plus, my youngest son speaks fluently because he had to learn on the job. Kind of in self defense, so he wouldn’t be taken advantage of. Once they knew he understood what they were saying, they became an awesome team!

There’s also a great satisfaction that comes with conquering a new language. I feel pride when I pass the hard tests. I just keep moving up levels, but it’s not anything put together or practical for day-to-day living. It’s more like I’m beating levels in a game. First I’ll try the speaking aloud on all my lessons and see if that helps. Then I need to overcome my shyness to try it in public when I have the chance. Anyone with better or helpful suggestions, please speak up.

Buenos noches!

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JusJoJan 1-26-23 Family

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 26th 2023, is “family.” Use the word “family” any way you’d like. Enjoy!

My three sons and me!
Everyone but Joshua and Dad in this one! Sadly, Claudette (seated in between David and Kevin) is gone but never forgotten.
Son Joshua (walking), Tori and hubby Greg (standing), sis-in-law, Connie (Standing next to Greg) and Jim-(Teri’s brother) seated across from Tori at Christmas a few years ago.
Youngest son, Chris with his uncle Robert (Bubba)

I sure am missing my familia right now and can’t wait until April when we are home for a visit!

The girls when they were just pups! Whiskey behind Brandy-look how dark she used to be!

The girls and Dave are my traveling family, my kids and brother are my immediate family and everyone else is my family through marriage. We are all close though, which I’m missing right now. They are busy with their own lives but stay in touch through texts, calls, and FaceTime.

On a different subject for a moment, we were talking the other day about my crochet project, the shawl with pockets. Here’s a picture of the way it looks when finished. (Not me in the picture 🤣)

It looks like a sweater, but it’s just a shawl with handy pockets! I have a little further to go- I figure I’ll stop when it reaches my knees- then you fold up the bottom of each end and sew the sides to make the pockets, adding a button if desired. That’s it!

Today we attended the hops and grapes function at the activity center. It was a fun get together where we met some more people, tasted some wine and light snacks and the guys had their beer to taste as well. The people here are all so nice and welcoming! They were also holding some kind of auction we weren’t involved with, so we stayed til that started and went back to the rig. At least the dogs are always excited to see us! 😂

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Just in Time

I made it in time to bowl today!

My teammate, Brenda, and her opponent, Robert were up first.

I knew bowling was on the schedule today, but by the time Dave and I got back from doing some running around, it was 1:00 and I needed some lunch. After a quick hot dog, I decided I was probably too late to bowl today, but walked down to the activities center to sign up for Friday, because the games fill up fast. Well, the manager came in just as I was doing that, said bowling was cancelled for Friday and called Steve to see if he could fit me in. I was just in time! In fact, I had 15 minutes to kill, so I went in the craft room and tried to work on a puzzle someone had started while I waited.

The bowling alley is a pretty new two-lane alley and as it turned out, there was only four of us playing, so Brenda and I were one team and Robert and Gary were the other. In addition to the bowling, when you knocked down the pin with the black tag on it, you got a poker card. If you get a run, you win money. I had too many wayward balls to do any good at anything, but I still had fun. I’m out of practice, and my shoes were so stiff, I was worried about slipping. I didn’t want to fall on my butt in front of everyone! I made a couple of decent shots, but not ne strike. Oh well.

I remember being in the service and bowling for 4 hours at a time many nights of the week. I was pretty good back then, but I was also young and in great shape! Man, how things have changed. I was embarrassed at all my gutter balls, but they were nothing but friendly and supportive. 😀 I finally found the weight of ball I liked, it was 9lbs, I just wish I could have found my rhythm. Maybe next week! Steve runs the alley and told me beer or shots of Fireball were free! Well, number one, I don’t drink beer, and two, the thought of drinking Fireball in the middle of the day had me questioning wether it was a good idea. I did share with Steve that what is really tasty is a shot of Fireball in an apple cider.

Well, he didn’t have that, but asked me if I wanted to try something good. He hands me a shot-sized Solo cup with butterscotch schnapps and fireball mixed together and it was indeed delicious 😋 I didn’t think I would have any more and have a hard time walking home, but indeed I did (just one more) before the games were over. Unfortunately, it didn’t improve my game at all. 🔥