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WOD Challenge 06-15-21 Hoards of Mice!

Makeshift solution set up by one of the local farmers

Australia needs some help dealing with the callithumpian hoards of mice infesting farm land and causing major damage throughout the country. Pesticides are a bad idea, since that would harm other animals that feed on the mice. Maybe hoards of cats would be the answer??

They have tried drowning, but that has only put a dent in the problem. We are talking massive hoards of mice!!

They are chewing through tons of grain and hay, destroying machinery, sending people to the hospital with bites, and all of this is due to a years-long drought followed by damaging floods affected the region.

They are calling it a plague, adding that it’s not unusual to deal with plagues of mice, but they’ve never seen it this bad. They say the numbers are “astronomical” and they need a solution fast! Poison is not the answer, drowning would have to be on a gargantuan scale to solve anything, so what’s left?

My answer is to gather all the feral cats in this country and ship them to the suffering farmers of Australia. Sure, it would be a huge undertaking, but you have a better idea?? What say you people in bloggerland? I told the editors of the magazine where the article came from: phys.org, that if I hear of a positive resolution, I would get back to them.

Right now they are using double-strength zinc phosphide, which is I assume, not harmful to other wildlife that feed on the mice. If they were to “napalm” the mice with a stronger poison, of course, people would eventually die as well down the food chain.

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WOD Challenge-16 uses for coffee grounds-06-14-21

Whether you use pods to make your coffee or the traditional way with filters, you need to know about these 16 uses for coffee grounds!

  1. Fertilize your garden
  2. Compost for later
  3. Repel insects and pests
  4. Remove fleas from your pet
  5. Neutralize odors
  6. Use as a natural cleaning scrub
  7. Scour your pots and pans
  8. Exfoliate your skin
  9. Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  10. Use it as a natural dye
  11. Clean your fireplace
  12. Tenderize meat
  13. Stimulate hair growth
  14. Repair scratched furniture
  15. Grow mushrooms
  16. Treat under eye circles

For details on each one I’m linking to the website where I got this information from so that you can read it at your leisure.

Do you have more uses that I didn’t cover? Let me know in the comments!!

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Prayer Works!

Thank you all for the good vibes and prayers!

My article has been published!! You can view it here!

All I ask is your honest feedback and if you like it, click the heart and let me know!

I appreciate you and watch for more articles in the future after I spiff up my profile a bit and read more articles from the community. It won’t always be this subject, or even this community, but you can bet I’ll be submitting again!

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WOD Challenge 06-10-21 Achieving Success

Good morning everyone! It’s a beautiful, sunny day here and I am filled with hope and optimism!

I recently found a new platform within Medium called Vocal. I worked for quite a while yesterday, crafting an article for submission to their publication, only to have it flagged for edits. That’s good news, because it means it wasn’t rejected, it just needed some tweaking.

This morning, I worked on it some more, in hopes it will be accepted for publication. This is a paying platform, so please send me good thoughts and prayers that it is accepted and I will be achieving success with it. The article is about CBD and CBD+Delta-8. I made these mistakes: inappropriate links. So, I took them out, improved my writing in general, and had difficulty obtaining my word count and removing some formatting numbers I accidently put in there (I don’t know how that happened.)

On this platform, you can get tips and also, you get paid by the amount of reads the article gets. If I share the article on social media, for example (assuming it gets published), those who read it have the option to tip me as well!! This is so exciting. I hope everything turns out well, I make a little cash, so I can return the favor and tip other writers in the community who have stories I like as well.

Wish me luck, and if anyone else here wants to try their hand on Vocal, go to Vocal.media.com and read their community guidelines thoroughly!! They have a support team as well, I was just too impatient to wait for an answer and resubmitted my article this morning. I’m hoping they saw my support request and understand that I could not for the life of me figure out how to remove the numbers, because their editor doesn’t work like Medium’s does. Pray my word count was over 600+ because I could not get it to read my word count either like I can on Medium. Why can’t they be the same??

Anyway, I’m soon to be off to Dad’s for lunch and to take him for a proper shave with our favorite barber. I tried to shave him twice, my brother tried again, and we both failed to shave him clean. He has a very course beard, and, of course, 87-yr-old skin that I don’t want to nick or cut. Ken, my hubby’s barber, is an expert in that area. He shaves with a straight razor like nobody’s business!

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WOD Challenge 06-07-2021 We Just Clicked!

Good morning on this stormy Monday!

Today we are celebrating the anniversary of our 36 year long marriage!!

When people ask me our story, I tell them it was fate, but honestly, we just clicked, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, we were just meant to be!!

Unfortunately, he has a meeting tonight, however, he surprised me by scheduling some time off so we could join our good friends, Michell and Kerry, for a much-needed get away to Crystal Beach!!

I’ll take that, thank you very much! I’ve spent all morning rescheduling appointments and moving things around to make this happen. I’ll have to get my brother to stay with my dogs, and yes, other people will have to step up and help Dad out more while I’m gone. I know I can count on my family to help. I’m going to miss Father’s Day, but I will work something out.

Anyhoo, I posted a poem I wrote this morning on Facebook and shared a couple of old pics of us together. One is the one I temporarily made my profile pic, the other is with the poem. I could not remember how to grab a bunch of old pics off of Facebook and make a post with all of them, showing the changes in us over the years, so the poem had to do.

I can’t wait to get away with my main man for some R&R, so yall pray that everything falls into place and we can relax and enjoy ourselves. 🙂

I hope we keep chugging along on the love train for another 36 years, if God wills it to be! I found and saved more pics, here goes!

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