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WOD Challenge 09-16-21 Festival of Lights

I have never been to Ft Worth’s annual Festival of Lights that happens near Christmas every year, which used to be free to everyone.

Sadly, this year, when the opportunity to go is probably high, now we would have to pay for a ticket. What is happening to this world?!!

Did COVID woes affect the city so much that they now have to charge to simply drive through the city to see the pretty lights and decorations? I just don’t get it.

My bad, I just looked at the schedule, and I see there are seats for purchase, yet the sidewalks around the parade route are free with a few exceptions. I guess I never realized it is a parade, and that is why they are charging for viewing from a seat. In addition, seniors 60 and older can get discounted tickets and family packs are also available for a discount. I will include a link to the page explaining all this and where to buy tickets for any locals who would like to go. I guess they have always charged for the event.

So basically, it’s called the Parade of Lights, I thought it was called the Festival of Lights. Or maybe that’s a different thing. I feel like that character on SNL that always gets the words wrong, then goes on a rant about it. Remember, it was played by Gilda Radner? Anyway…

We tried to take Dad around to see the lights just driving through downtown, but we were too late, and most of the lights and decorations were already down. I don’t know if we will try to go to the parade if it’s cold outside, I don’t think sitting outside in the cold would be Dad’s cup of tea.

Today, Dave and I are taking him to his ENT to see why he can’t hear us. He has an earwax buildup problem occasionally, so I want him to get checked out for that. Otherwise, his hearing aids may need a tune-up. I’m grateful Dave is coming to help me, but I hate that he has to lose time from work right now, they are shorthanded.

Last night I made my delicious, but high fat pudding, so Dad wouldn’t choke taking his pills. He didn’t get the concept and tried to chew the first spoonful I gave him. UGH!! I kept saying, “No, swallow it whole, Dad!” but he was having trouble with it. He did the same thing this morning with one that wasn’t a capsule, omg, that must have tasted horrible!! I kept saying the same thing, but he just gives me that blank look like he doesn’t comprehend what I’m saying. Finally, he swallowed the next one whole, so I hope he’s got it now.

I need to be more diligent with the getting up to go to the bathroom trips on the hour, because he was soaked again this morning, but yesterday, he was dry. I can’t seem to figure out what the pattern needs to be. I can’t just take away his fluids at 6pm, the nurse said to keep him hydrated or he will get a UTI, and the OT says cut his liquids off. UGH! So I guess the answer is just frequent bathroom trips, even if he objects. I am so tired of doing daily laundry.

His OT is coming today around noon, so unless she can change her schedule, we need to hurry up with his appointment. I did tell her his appt. time is 11:15, so we should be back in time, but if Dave wants to try and take him to lunch, I’ll need to ask her to reschedule.

Such is life in my world. I hope you all have a great day!!

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WOD Challenge 09-15-21 Digitally Dexterous

Wow! Yesterday was super busy, started early, and ended late. Four people came to see Dad yesterday including the social worker (finally)!!

I was at once overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the results of the visits. On one hand, I was happy the speech therapist came out to make her assessment, and she had some interesting feedback, the little time I got to spend talking to her.

The social worker showed up at the same time, unannounced and unscheduled. (very unprofessional) So I had to visit with him in a different room because I didn’t want to interrupt the speech therapist who was working with Dad. Since it was a surprise visit, I was not ready, my questions were mostly forgotten, even though they were written down, I jumped around because he went pretty much straight to the finances and shot everything down as far as resources when he found out how much Dad makes a month from his SS payments and his pension.

I was really bummed out, but after calling my son’s girl, Becky, she assured me we will find more resources. The man basically summarized that if the VA does not cover the cost of assisted living, or maybe an in-home aid, we are on our own finding ways to pay for either option. She (Becky) was livid at his apparent apathy and lack of tact, professionalism, and knowledge of what resources are available. He did give me a number to call to inquire about necessary supplies, but I did and had to leave a message. I doubt they will call back, so I will call later. It’s not an emergency.

Today, thank goodness, we only have one person, Zach, coming to see Dad. He is the physical therapist, and he is proud of the progress Dad is making. He works him pretty hard, and Dad is already sore from all the visits yesterday, but I’m sure he will bounce back by 11am and do fine.

He did great! This is Zach, walking with Dad without the walker! No, I’m not that brave! They walked to the next house and back!

Yesterday, when everyone was gone and we were getting ready for dinner, Sean came to visit with Dad and he brought a few more things from the house, food items, and mail. Later on, Dad and I played WWF for a while, and while he is still sharp at making the words, he’s not digitally dexterous as he used to be due to his tremor, so our later rematch put us up until 11pm! Maybe we shouldn’t play as late when he is tired. He is sooooo competitive!

Well, as you can see from the above photo, Zach really put Dad to the test today, walking without the walker a pretty long distance, then through all of his usual exercises when he got back. No, I will not be trying that alone! If he were to stumble and fall, that would not be good. I will leave the therapy to the professionals thank you! Especially once Dad gets tired and sore, I would be scared to push his limits.

I am excited with his progress, and I can’t wait for the speech therapist to come back next week to see what tools she brings to help us communicate better. Head nods, shakes, and the occasional word on the white board aren’t cutting it, and she said there is other ways to work with the strengths he does have. Overall, Dad is improving a lot in a short time, it may be possible after all to return him home, with help. Only time will tell. Once the therapists do their assessments and the VA does theirs, we will have a clearer picture. I still feel assisted living will be best in the long run. Keep those prayers and positive vibes coming, I think it’s working! Thank you so much!

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WOD Challenge 09-13-21 Quirky Limerick

There once was a girl who was quirky

Her dance moves were seen as quite jerky

Her name was Elaine

No girl for restrain

Her values were essentially murky.

Haha, this limerick was inspired by the character on Seinfeld tv show. If you’ve never seen it, the show is hilarious 😆

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09-13-21 Progress!

Wow, what a difference Dad’s PT and OT is making!

This morning, as Dave and I walked into the kitchen together, what a surprise to see Dad standing in the kitchen on his walker, fully dressed, waiting for us!

His clothes and the under pad and towel he lays on were wet, but that is ok, he got up by himself and didn’t fall, so I am grateful to God for that.

Again, I was pleasantly surprised, yet a bit freaked out at the same time. He is making progress and getting stronger, due to his PT and us being diligent in continuing walk him every hour and make him do his exercises. He also can help himself in the bathroom a lot more, now that we put the toilet rails over the toilet. He can get up and down unassisted! This proves his balance is getting better. Zach, his Physical Therapist is coming today and will be so proud to hear this news!

I’m happy, yet fearful that he thinks that makes him ready to go home. He still needs a lot of help and if he went home, Sean would not be able to do that. What sense does it make for him to go home and me still having to go over there every day to help? I can help him much better from here, and there has been no guarantee from Home Health that they will send an aide to help him at his house when I can’t be there. If he goes home, he will not do his exercise every hour, or remember to take his meds on time or be able to fix his own meals.

I think it makes more sense for Kevin and I to have the talk with Dad about moving into assisted living. He isn’t going to like it, but that is the only way he can live independently. There, someone will be available to help him when necessary, give him his meds on time and accurately, bring him meals, or bring him to the dining room for meals, etc.

There’s also the issue of his undergarments and bedding. I’m not sure they deal with that, we need to find out.

Maybe once we go to our VA meeting on the 29th, and Dad gets assessed by them, he will see and understand why that makes more sense, and hopefully, the VA will pay for part or all of the cost. We will also sell his house and use the profit for part of the cost, and then there is his Medicare. I’m hopeful and praying that it all goes smoothly when we get to that point. I hope and pray also that Dad doesn’t become combative with me as he gets stronger and insists he is ready to go home. Being stronger will be an asset when he asks for assisted living vs a skilled nursing facility. We can always point that out!

I do thank God for the progress Dad is making, and that Dave and I are willing and able to help him here in our home until another arrangement can be made. 🙂

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WOD Challenge 09-11-21 Emphasis

A letter to my son and brother this morning:

Dad got up at 5am, I’m lucky I can hear the doggie door, because I put the cat up last night. Thank God for my sensitive ears, because this alerted me that Dad was up.
Dad was sitting on the pot, naked, trying to put his undergarment on. 🤬
The bed was totally soaked, because he went to bed early and wouldn’t let me change his diaper to a nighttime one.
While on one hand, I’m thankful he didn’t fall, but I’m so pissed that he did all that by himself and he easily could have. And I’m mad about the bed because the room is going to start smelling like pee if this keeps happening.
Dave got up as I was getting him in the chair and I was about to tell him off, but he stopped me, thank God.
I’m still shaking because I’m upset. I DID tell Dad he is taking the bell to bed tonight and is to ring it in the morning when he gets up.
Sorry, but I had to vent to someone before I explode 🤯

Then there was breakfast cooking, cleaning it all up, give Dad a shower and a proper shave, mop the kitchen, washed the clothes and the bedding and remake the bed. What a morning already!!!!

This was all done before 10am!! I’m glad every morning isn’t quite this bad, but every morning many of these same things are done. Caregiving is a full-time job, emphasis on JOB!! I’m worn out every day by lunch. But there is no rest.

Kevin came over and gave us a break so we could get out. Dave took me for a much-needed massage…that was the best massage I’ve ever had! Then we went to Mi Pueblo for lunch and a margarita, and ran to the mall so Dave could get some more work clothes. He found two pair of chinos and three shirts, plus we got Dad a new set of shorty pjs! what a find, i can never find him shorty pajamas!

When we got home I rested a while and let Kevin tend to Dad, then I got up and washed all the new clothes. Unloaded and reloaded the dish and made banana bread with the ripe bananas Kevin brought over. The house smells so wonderful, I may have to sneak a taste. 😛

Now we are watching The Grapes of Wrath. Praying for a good night, my headache to go away, and a less eventful morning!

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