Catching You Up

Buenas Dias everyone!

My somewhat lame attempt at fall decorating. The mums have started bloomimg now.

I’m sure most of you have heard about our president catching the virus. Well, I have no opinion on that except it is what it is and I hope he is well soon-we are all still fine here.

Except for the old(er) bones and the usual aches and pains I’m sure are associated with arthritis and the weather changing (albeit slowly), my health has been normal.

It has been (softly) suggested that I am still worrying too much about keeping my writing up while what I SHOULD be doing is focusing on my studies until I am done with my transcription course. This is probably true, but I just can’t seem to ignore all the blogs in my mailbox, and I feel like we are all family here so I like to read and respond, if not always write a post myself.

And then there’s Medium. If I hope to stay relevent and at least bringing in the paltry few cents a month I’m making, or if I ever hope to make more, I feel I must keep writing a few posts a month on Medium at least. I do the Chalkboard and recently started writing on a couple of other publications to try to grow my readership and reach. Plus, the articles need to be longer now since Medium pays more depending on how long readers are on the page.

And what about days like today, when I can’t seem to catch a break?? I once again cannot get into Word, and I need to be able to get into Word to do my transcription practices. I was done with all of the British guy’s transcripts and was heading into two person scripts (interviews) but I had not yet created my shortcuts (text expanders). As I was about to deal with that, Word would not open and I don’t know why or how to fix that. UGH!

So, I decided to catch you all up and then maybe I will study my grammar, do some typing practice, and go run my errands since I can’t do a practice right now. I wonder if I should take my laptop to Best Buy and have them help me figure it out, or if some tech savvy person out there (Dan maybe?) could please advise. Thanks!

The weather here is going to be warm all week, which suits me to a T. I’m never ready for the cold anyway as most of you already know. I hope you understand if I disappear for a while, I really do need to spend more time on the course and less trying to do a little bit of everything! Have a great week, I will see yall later!

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2 thoughts on “Catching You Up

  1. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    Hi Kim,
    I see me in that mirror as well. Lately, I have been having a hard time keeping my focus. I need to keep plugging away on building a paying business, but cant seem to stay on track. Other worries of life seem to override my attention time. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels in a mud hole…very disheartening.

    Hope you find your focus soon. God bless.

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