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Inktober 2020 Prompt #9 — Throw

A throw on a couch

Just like at my mother-in-law’s house, and her mother too-

Now we toss a blanket (or a throw) on the couch in case you get chilly.

They’ve come in handy the past couple of days, because I’ve been sick with some kind of throat infection. That is why I’ve had time to play along with the Inktober prompts. I’m having fun, even though I can’t really draw. Maybe with a little practice….

By the way, I looked into the creator of this month long bit of fun (Jake Parker) and saw that he also teaches classes in drawing, and illustrates children’s books. He has 5 of his own! Anyway, I ordered one for my granddaughter for her birthday and I hope she likes it!

If you go to his website, you can find out all about him, his books, and his classes. He’s on Instagram and Facebook too and YouTube as well.

There has been some controversy about him and his ethics, so I found another YouTube video explaining what happened and how Jake is not a bad guy, he just didn’t want his trademark work stolen and things got misconstrued and anyway, here’s a video about that. 


PS-I’m feeling a bit better because I have been treating myself with cups of apple cider vinegar tea with oregano and essential oils (one drop each) mixed in, Tylenol, and Ricola throat lozenges. I have no idea what’s going on, I just had a bunch of white spots and pus on my tonsils, and if there was fever, it was slight. All of my thermometers are low on battery, so I couldn’t get an accurate reading. The fatigue has been the worst, not wanting to do anything, and that kind of floaty feeling you get when you have the flu. I heard and read that allergies can make you have all the same symptoms, so I didn’t want to go to the doctor, and when they hear “throat” they don’t want to see you in person anyway. I figured I’m doing everything they would tell me to do anyway, and Oregano essential oil is nature’s antibiotic. My throat still has spots, so I’m skipping out on my volunteer job today, they said it was probably best just in case.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Oh, one more thing…

I’ve moved into tier two on my Spanish lessons! Yea! It was hard but I did it and now I’m getting pretty good at reading and comprehending short sentences and stories. Tomorrow will make 200 straight days in a row! I love Duolingo!!



5 thoughts on “Inktober 2020 Prompt #9 — Throw

  1. I am happy to see you continue with the InkTober prompts. I read all the controversy and watched several videos. I decided I could stay outside of that circle of controversy and just exercise my freedom to create.

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