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#A to Z Challenge 04-22-21 Taiwanese Toilet Restaurant

T= Taiwanese Toilet Restaurant(s)

Pull up a bowl and let’s enjoy a story about a small chain of restaurants in Tawain that honor, well, toilets!

In this schticky place (pun definitely intended) everything is devoted to the bathroom it seems. Acrylic toilets are your stools (pardon the pun) and after you pull up to your sink adorned with a glass tabletop, dig into your potty shaped soup bowl and enjoy your delicious (and delightfully poop-free) curry, or hot pot.

Wonder at the ambiance of the place while you nosh on the large dessert selection, which features poop-shaped lights, walls decorated with shower heads, and plunger fixtures, sip your beverage from urinals you get to take home as a yucky souvenir.

I guess they prefer their drinks sans the urinals!

Your meal comes to you in either a tiny 🛁 or a mini 🚽, owner Dao Ming Zi wants to shock your senses with this seemingly disgusting decor, yet surprisingly, it is so popular, it’s become a chain!! The flagship Modern Toilet is a three-story restaurant in the Datong District of Taiwan.

The place is inspired by a Japanese cartoon character named Dr. Slump whose favorite activity is “swirling poop on a stick” (gotta love the Japanese sense of humor) and Zi has capitalized on the attraction of novelty with this place!

I wonder if they have pull-chain toilets to flush the scraps down! 🤣🤣

More restaurants like this are planned for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Macau, and Shenzhen.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post of potty humor and take it all in stride. It’s a real place, y’all!! 😝


2 thoughts on “#A to Z Challenge 04-22-21 Taiwanese Toilet Restaurant

  1. Sorry for the delay in response! I Want to go!! Too funny, you are right this is my favorite! It is funny that it is an asian part of the world! III know that they are better than they used to be but especially in public places there they are still using the “squat to pee & poop” method Because all they had was a hole in the ground!. My friend tells me that in China they would make her 5 year old girl carrying the toilet lid with her so that way if she had to go she would not have to squat. This was in Shanghai however it was around 8 years ago so it is probably more westernized now I would think.

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