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Ready to Ride!

It’s finally here, y’all!

I received my new Lectric E-Bike yesterday, and finally got to ride her today! I’m so excited and happy to have my own form of transportation!

Since I can’t show myself riding, I snapped a pic of Dave taking it for a spin to understand the gears, the pas, and feel what it’s like compared to a regular bicycle.

I haven’t given her a name yet, but I will eventually.

Dave checking out my e-bike.

I purchased the Lectric XP 3.0 model and couldn’t be happier with it. Still to arrive are my helmet, phone mount, and mirrors, and then I’ll be legal to fly!

Yes, I will still get some exercise because I will try to keep it in pas 1 (the lowest speed) which allows you to pedal…with a little power. Yes, you can ride it with no pedal assist (pas) but it’s very hard on my right knee, which is the whole reason I chose an e-bike over standard. I wanted to be able to bike together without me huffing, puffing, and lagging behind. However, since my helmet isn’t here yet, we’ve only practiced riding here inside the resort.

Once I’m good and familiar with the bike, we will venture out on the roads and see how easy (or difficult) getting around town will be. He is understandably concerned about when more tourists arrive and heavy traffic, people aren’t always respectful of cyclists and lots of them drink and drive, too. So my head will need to stay on a swivel and I’ll have to be extra careful. Still, it’s going to be a great way to get around with less of a sweaty effort.

I’m also concerned about theft, so right now, we will stay together so they can be secured if we go into an establishment or store. Also, the weather here is never a sure thing, and it can’t get super wet, so we have a cover coming tomorrow so we can protect our bikes in the rain. He says it should fit on his bike rack ok, I haven’t seen that in action yet, but we’ll see.

An e-bike is so much more complicated than a regular bike, it came with warning tags all over it, so you will be sure to read all the safety and operations information. There’s rules for charging and you have to know how to read the monitor, change speeds, stop, go, when to throttle, and how to fold and unfold the bike. (And so much more) But there is written and video explanations for EVERY SINGLE ASPECT. So, I’m not worried.

Today I just wanted to try it out, and it was as fun as I knew it would be, Now I’m patiently waiting for my other accessories and my baskets to arrive so I’ll be ready to rock out. 😉

I told him since I was going to buy the bike and he ended up paying for it, I’ll buy us what gear we need to get us ready for fishing. The beach is still at red flag status, so if I can’t ride, I want to go fish. Or walk, or literally anything but sit here, lol! Oh, when I get my helmet, I’ll have Dave take a picture of me riding. 😘

I’ll leave you with my favorite of the cute decor on the fences around the resort. Peace out for now my peeps! Happy Thursday!

That’s a sassy fish!

13 thoughts on “Ready to Ride!

  1. Excited for you! Will you be able to ride it while on the beach or only one the pavement? Thinking you will need something to hold a bottle of water? You said something that you were waiting for something to hold your phone? Have you met any of your neighbors at the resort? I am so glad that you are pleased with the E bike! Did you say Dave already has a bike?

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    • Dave has a nice 10-speed and he’s happy with it. I don’t know about taking it to the beach, some people do, but I don’t want too much sand and salt getting into the working parts. This thing was expensive, I don’t want to ruin it!

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  2. rajkkhoja says:

    Excited of you!
    Now you easy ride on the beach.
    Congratulations! You give me a party . How much it’s e- bike price? Thinking you need some things, water bottle, helmet, phone pleased with the e-bike. Beautiful Dave ride e- bike. Good your hope Dave took a picture of you riding e- bike.!
    Wonderful your decor a sassy fish , Kim?
    Tack care!


  3. Congratulations! And I can help but sing, “Get your motor running, Get out on the highway!…” Well, stay off the highway. But you get my drift. Sounds like fun. I may think about that. But for now, we are looking at getting our stationary bike. Between walks and indoor rides, maybe I can get in shape.

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