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Business Matters and Another Hike

It’s been a couple of ho-hum days here with rain one day and cool, windy conditions the next.

Not much going on except to take care of business matters before next week when we leave to head back to Texas. Doing maintenance, calling to cancel my now worthless investment I made a few years ago, cleaning house and trip planning. We have New Mexico location booked, Alvarado location booked and beach location booked, but may be winging it for the second overnight on the way back to Texas. We can dry camp in a parking lot if we have to, no biggie.

Cactus budding in the garden on our site.

I sure hope we are here long enough to see our cactus flowering as well as others in the park. I’ll miss this place and all the sweet friends we’ve made here.

I’ve been looking at possibly buying an E-bike. Lectric Bike keeps having sales on their new trike and model 3.0 E-bike, but Dave would rather I wait until we get back to DFW before we seriously consider it. I’m still leaning towards the trike for stability but would rather see them live and try them out first if possible. I’d also like to take advantage of the sales going on because they are offering package deals on free accessories.

Right after I finished writing the intro to this post, Dave says “Want to take a walk?” This usually means around the resort. Not up the side of the mountain again, but off we went. Me unprepared, except for the proper footwear. We got this high before the trail became rather vague and very steep. We decided it was best to turn around.

Ugh, so close!! This is as close as I’ve been to the top of the ridge.
From here, the peak looks totally doable, but my legs had just about given out.

I was disappointed yet decided to err on the side of caution. No walking sticks for stability and balance, no water, no food. My knees were weak and my legs were shaky, and I knew the going down would be dicey on all those loose rocks. There is not much smooth ground up the side of the mountain. My Apple Watch showed the elevation to be over 2,000 feet we climbed by the time we got home. I thought I did pretty good, for just casually walking out the door, game for whatever.

From up here, you can see where all the land has been cleared for the new park models to go in.

Dave walked a little higher than me …again!

Part of me feels like a wuss, but the smart part knows I’m better off than twisting my knee or something more tragic. There is nothing to break a fall but rocks and cactus. The wildflowers were beautiful though!

Dave got me while I wasn’t looking! Ha, I’m texting pics to Julie. 🤣

You can see how high up we were, and to the right of me in the above photo, starts the hardest part of the trek to the top. I bet it would be a pretty waterfall if the rain came down that solid rock wash we were about to have to cross to continue to the top of the ridge. The steeper the terrain became, the more wary I did. So we started down at that point, me crab walking my way down until the ground leveled back out.

I’m really going to miss doing things like this!

One more pic from Dave’s phone and then look what he snagged for me at the bottom of the foothills! He found part of a geode!

It was already broken open either by nature or machinery.