Fallen-WOD Challenge-6-5-20

Ok, yall it’s Friday and I finally have the go pro pics back, plus the ones our trusty guide Sean took for us.

I have not looked at the go pro video on my laptop yet, but I will share the pic Sean took of us with our arms out as we are floating in the air.

Do we look like fallen angels, no. Do I have fallen arches? No. I can’t figure out where to insert the word in my post today, I just wanted to share this cool picture of us acting all brave-Christina looks like a rock star holding a microphone, but that is the go pro camera, lol.

Stephanie has her arms splayed out and from the distance it looks like she’s holding our legs until you blow the picture up, then you can see them hovering just above our legs.

Me, I just have a goofy smile planted on my face, no shoes on my feet cause I knew he was going to dip us in the water and I didn’t want to lose them. I’m just delirious that we are even doing this! Girlfriend needs to work on her arms, look how ripped Stephanie’s arms are next to mine! She uses all her upper body strength during the lifts, so that is why she has strong, sexy arms.

I love this picture, it sums up our whole girl trip and proves we are no cowards, we did it!! I would do it again in a hearbeat, but maybe go without caffeine or something, I just cannot figure out what made me motion sick.

Once I view the video, I will try to share bits of that, as it is too long to put the whole thing on here I’m thinking. Have a fabulous Friday night everyone!


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