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Fun in Prison

Wait! Fun in prison??

Well, when you’re visiting the Yuma Territorial Prison Museum, it’s a fun day indeed! So much history, yet told in such a interesting and entertaining way. Dave even posed for the mug shot like they used to make the inmates take them. They sat them in a chair, looking slightly to the left, so they would get the front view and the side view at the same time! He only forgot to put the striped shirt on to make it look authentic, but I let it slide.

My handsome convict.

There was medical history, movie star history, I mean, this is Wyatt Earp’s stomping ground, films to watch and we even got to see inside the cells. Flooding ruined much of the prison, but they saved a lot of it, so there is plenty to see. So many women were incarcerated here, even some for adultery! High crimes were grand larceny and murder, of course, and the incorrigible were placed in cels made of adobe and stone, which must have felt like hell in the summertime. The worst offenders were sent to the dark cell, which we got to walk through. Only a small sliver of light shown through a tiny hole in the top of the cell. They all had to make their own shoes and clothes, but one inmate used his free time to knit (looked like tatting to me) the most beautiful, delicate, collars and other garments for ladies.

This is the main guard tower built over a water cistern.

Part of the old entrance to the prison.
Lowell battery gun. Used to warn the prisoners not to try escaping.
Actual cells inside the prison. One we could even walk into. Is it just me, or can you see a cross?
Caught me peeking into a cell.

Dave outside one of the cells.

Across the bridge is California. We did go to play a few games at Paradise Casino.
It’s a small but beautiful casino.

Mostly slots but a few tables as well.

We only played with $40 but took home $63. ☺️ This casino is on an Indian reservation but the outside looks a bit like a prison to me. 😂

After having fun there, we went back into Yuma to go to Sam’s but first we had to get our Mexican food fix. We make almost all of our meals at home in the RV, so this was a treat! Finally, a real margarita!

The bartender didn’t really know how to make a swirl, but it was delicious with the extra sangria! I only ate half of what was on my sampler plate and I’m still so full I’m miserable. Totally worth it though!

I had so much fun today, I love any kind of museum, and let this be the only prison I ever see the inside of! I also love spur-of-the-moment side trips! As far as I knew, we were just going to Sam’s for some breakfast sausage!! I also got two new long-sleeved shirts because I don’t have enough. Watch it get warm now, lol! That’s ok, the nights are still plenty cool. I felt bad for Dave though, he wanted new sunglasses, but couldn’t find a pair he liked. Maybe he can try Best Buy next time.