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09-13-21 Progress!

Wow, what a difference Dad’s PT and OT is making!

This morning, as Dave and I walked into the kitchen together, what a surprise to see Dad standing in the kitchen on his walker, fully dressed, waiting for us!

His clothes and the under pad and towel he lays on were wet, but that is ok, he got up by himself and didn’t fall, so I am grateful to God for that.

Again, I was pleasantly surprised, yet a bit freaked out at the same time. He is making progress and getting stronger, due to his PT and us being diligent in continuing walk him every hour and make him do his exercises. He also can help himself in the bathroom a lot more, now that we put the toilet rails over the toilet. He can get up and down unassisted! This proves his balance is getting better. Zach, his Physical Therapist is coming today and will be so proud to hear this news!

I’m happy, yet fearful that he thinks that makes him ready to go home. He still needs a lot of help and if he went home, Sean would not be able to do that. What sense does it make for him to go home and me still having to go over there every day to help? I can help him much better from here, and there has been no guarantee from Home Health that they will send an aide to help him at his house when I can’t be there. If he goes home, he will not do his exercise every hour, or remember to take his meds on time or be able to fix his own meals.

I think it makes more sense for Kevin and I to have the talk with Dad about moving into assisted living. He isn’t going to like it, but that is the only way he can live independently. There, someone will be available to help him when necessary, give him his meds on time and accurately, bring him meals, or bring him to the dining room for meals, etc.

There’s also the issue of his undergarments and bedding. I’m not sure they deal with that, we need to find out.

Maybe once we go to our VA meeting on the 29th, and Dad gets assessed by them, he will see and understand why that makes more sense, and hopefully, the VA will pay for part or all of the cost. We will also sell his house and use the profit for part of the cost, and then there is his Medicare. I’m hopeful and praying that it all goes smoothly when we get to that point. I hope and pray also that Dad doesn’t become combative with me as he gets stronger and insists he is ready to go home. Being stronger will be an asset when he asks for assisted living vs a skilled nursing facility. We can always point that out!

I do thank God for the progress Dad is making, and that Dave and I are willing and able to help him here in our home until another arrangement can be made. 🙂