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Thursday’s Door Challenge – Designated Driver

Good morning everyone, I couldn’t sleep so I’m attempting Dan Anton’s challenge to write something from one of the doors submitted for the challenge. I haven’t written any creative fiction lately, so I’m hoping lack of sleep will promote my muse.

Thursday’s Door Challenge – Designated Driver

The cab driver dropped us off in front of the secret door, promising to retrieve us if we sensed trouble. T and I gave the knock and a burly bouncer let us in. We felt so privileged and excited to have left the barracks to explore some nightlife.

We were new recruits at Ft Sam Houston, going through training to become medics. We had a lot of adventures during our time there, but this was our first.

The door lead to an underground club/bar where we must have looked like deers in the headlights, eyes wide open for excitement…and danger. We immediately flashed our ID so we could order a drink, and sat down to listen to the music. We weren’t alone long.

Soon, a couple of guys approached our table asking if we’d like to dance. It was all fun and games until the one with me started getting a bit touchy-feely. Me head was full of the warnings our CO told us on arrival to Ft Sam about rapes that occurred off company grounds. So I politely excused myself, grabbed T and our stuff and headed out of the club after dialing our cab back. He promptly arrived and whisked us back to the base, just in time to dodge curfew. Whew, what a guardian angel that guy turned out to be. From then on, he was our designated cabbie.