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Today I want to share that I participated in the August Edition of the Kind Hearted Challenge. How did I do that, you might ask?

Well, the challenge was an invitation to bring a smile to someone’s day, by doing the challenge, sharing it on your own blog, so it reaches more people that might want to do it as well.

The actual challenge was to find the mailing address (yes, snail mail) of someone you haven’t been in touch with for many years. Write a short letter to that person and mail it to show them that someone is thinking about them!

I only wish I had thought to take a pic of the card I sent my person, it was very pretty! (My letter went to my old boss that I had unfortunately lost touch with)

Easy peasy, right? Yet what a difference it might make in someone’s day! You were responsible for making someone else smile…how good does that, in turn, make you feel? I call it a win win! Now, if you’d like to play along, just click the link here.