Feelin Fancy

So. Today I woke up with a sore throat that is different than my usual, it feels like I have ulcers in my throat. So after helping my hubby case up some boudin, I’ve been reclining on the couch with Season 2 of Virgin River and using a very good numbing throat spray every two hours.

The reason I’m feeling fancy is because yesterday he bought us a new garbage can, all you do is wave your hand over the top and it opens and closes on its own. 😁

My new trash can.

I took a video of the action but it is not showing up in my picture files. 

He also bought a couple of pieces of new equipment to make processing the boudin more efficient, so after a few hiccups, we have boudin ready for the freezer. We had so many hiccups because the new equipment needs to be bolted down to something and we need to refine our system but I’m sure these little things will get worked out. 

He is having more difficulty sealing the bags of links with the Food Saver. I don’t know if there is too much moisture or what, but he will continue to work on it. Luckily, it came with ziplock bags and they can be vacuum sealed with the hand accessory.

For any who don’t know, bounding is a mixture of meat and rice packed in sausage casings. There are as many types of boudin as sausage. Ours was made with pork butt, spices, and brown rice. 

Hopefully, the boudin tastes as good after smoking as the green opinion sausage did! 😋