WOD Challenge 5-6-20 Eating Out and Other Opportunities

Buenas dias y feliz mercoles!

Yesterday we had the opportunity to dine in at a bbq place called Soul Man’s. We enjoyed the chance to eat out, the servers wore masks, we did not, of course, kinda hard to eat with a mask on. We were separated from the main section of the restaurant, for social distancing. No need as it turned out, we were the only ones in the dining room. I am tired of living in fear.  Saturday, David and I ate at a Japanese Steakhouse, same scenario, we were sequestered at a lone table as these places are just now opening back up to the public very slowly. They seemed to have forgotten what it’s like to serve people, questioning us over and over about whether we really wanted to eat there or take it to go. It was delicious, and we were not afraid.

Courtesy of Pinterest

Today, I have the opportunity to write great words, not sure if I will get much done on that front, yet I will surely try. Later, I’m going to sister-in-law Connie’s house, whom I have not seen since the “pandemic” started. She is going to see if she can help me frame a Diamond Art picture I did for Chasity’s Christmas present since it’s still not framed! Connie has a lot of experience with saws and crafts, so I’m hoping we will get er done today. It will be nice to see her in any event. Tired of hiding in the house. My ability to access my email on my laptop has been denied to me again this morning, so I am working with the iPad and the laptop together to get this here blog and my other writing done. I hate technology sometimes. My laptop is always giving me fits!

Chasity’s picture-God Save the Queen

I hope you all take your opportunities where you find them and you all have a good day! Looking forward to tonight for Survivor and then tomorrow is date night…hoping Frijoles is finally open so we can dine in and I can make up for missing Cinco de Mayo yesterday! I’m anxious to practice some Spanish with our favorito camerero! This behavior may sound reckless to some of you, however, I have the opportunity to live like normal and I for one am going to take it!


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