WOD Challenge 2-19-20 Cycle

Screenshot of ordering page


This morning I saw in my email that SiteGround auto renewed a service I had not asked to be renewed, because of course, I didn’t realize it would auto-renew even if I didn’t ask it to.

I promptly went to my service member area and started a chat with the operator for support, asking for a refund please. I even told them I had switched this particular service to another company. No matter. They immediately processed the refund for me, no questions asked!

I appreciate this kind of service, which is why I continue to keep SiteGround as my web hosting company!

If you would like faster, safer, better support in a web hosting company, I would switch to SiteGround if I were you. Month after month, cycle after cycle, they monitor my site, send me reports, and any time I have a question or a problem, it is always resolved quickly and professionally.

To switch accounts or to set up service as a new account, just click on the highlighted link in the first sentence of this post, that way I get a few pennies as compensation…and you will too when you refer customers!



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