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Word of the Day Challenge

I have mousers y’all!



Brandy and Whiskey, my two Shorkies

My Shorkies, who are half Yorkshire Terriers, were tearing around my bedroom this morning, ensuring no more sleep for me…especially when I then turned on the light and saw a tiny mouse scurry across the floor and run under my bedside table! 🤮

I told David he was going to need to set some traps tonite, but as it turned out, as soon as I lumbered into the living room, I heard the dogs scurrying around again madly, Dave went back there and sure enough, they had killed the mouse. They do a better job than my 🐈 useless thing! She just plays with her prey. Anyway, that’s two down, please pray we don’t have a whole family in our house!

Rest assured, now I know my terriers will get the job done if I do!