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Something Finally Clicked!


Ok folks, time for change 999! While looking at my Pinterest board called Keto For Beginners it finally sunk in to me that it was time for me to let go of the whole patio connection on my other blog. Things just aren’t syncing up and I think that was the reason why. So, for those of you who know me from Kimmy’s Patio and/or Kimmy’s Keto Patio, I am renamed once again and now I’m Keto For Beginners. Maybe this will finally have everyone who reads my blog finding my posts on Pinterest and everywhere else. I’ll also have to change all my other social media as well, so bear with me as I make all the necessary changes. If there is already a blog out there by the same name, I will have to change again.  Thank you for your patience as I figure all this stuff out!



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