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3TC & WOD Prompt Challenge-The Tiny House

Good morning all!

Today the challenge words will be combined as I have been trying to do for the last several days (time permitting) in one small story. Hope you like it, the come from the 3TC and Word of the Day prompts and by now you probably know who’s blogs those come from, if not, just click on those links.

The Tiny House

A Flash Fiction Fantasy

Once there lived a man named Bill in a tiny house with his family, his wife Betsy and their daughter, five-year-old Kaitlin. Bill was a bit of a minimalist, he built the tiny house with his own two hands and vehemently denied any outside help. His wife was so amazed at his talent and very proud of her man. Kaitlin enjoyed carefree days, as most children of that age do, eating popsicles as she watched her dad laying tile in the kitchen, never knowing how hard the work he was doing was. Betsy had a stamp collection that Bill made a special place for, the tiny house had an upstairs loft, and he had prepared a book with lots of plastic sleeves for her to store them in, and a shelf beside their bed for her to set it. She was so happy with Bill that she tried hard to please him in every way. Bill was appreciative of that, so together they lived in happiness and harmony for all of the rest of their days. The End.


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