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Multiple Word Prompt 18 July 2018- A Near Cat-astrophe

Good morning everyone and welcome to today’s multiple word prompt-brought to you by the 3TC and the WOD.

A Near Cat-astrophe

Sandy sat at her computer writing the day’s dissertation when all of a sudden, the cat she so adored snatched the battery charging cord right out of it’s socket! The light went dim on her screen and she cursed despite herself, she knew the kitty didn’t mean to, she was just playing. She had already disconnected the HDMI cord from the TV in the game room and Sherman, her husband, had not had the time or inclination to plug it back in. Sandy set her bowl of grapefruit down, reached around the dining room chair, and grabbed the battery cord and plugged it back in. Yes! Let there be light! She always worked in the dining room where she had room to spread out. She tried to entice the kitty back to her side with some tasty grapefruit, but it was no use. The dogs were already there.

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Multiple Prompt Story 12 July 2018-Mom’s Needlepoint

Today’s tale is brought to you by 3TC, WOD,  & FOWC who post the word prompts every day.

Mom’s Needlepoint

Photo credit: EBay
Not my mother’s needlepoint

My mother used to find solace in creating her needlepoint tapestries. I would sit and watch her and wonder how she made such beautiful artwork with such small patterns, I was never good with needlework. She tried to teach me embroidery, but I had little patience for it. My talent lies elsewhere, and I felt it was my job just to keep her company and talk to her about visiting far away places like New York, or what some folks call the Big Apple. We were also guilty of whiling away the afternoons watching comedies together like The Carol Burnett Show, All In The Family, and Good Times. I was her accomplice in that once I was grown and just came back for weekly visits. I miss her every day and now I wish I had a sample of that needlepoint to display as a remembrance of her and her creativity. She never gave herself much credit, but I think she was very talented.

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Multiple Prompt Story 9 July 2018

Hey, how is everyone on this lovely Monday morning?

Today I bring you a multiple prompt story from the words supplied by The Haunted Wordsmith and Thriving Not Surviving who supply the WOD prompt and the 3TC prompt. I usually bold the words given in the prompts.

Here is today’s attempt:

A Night at the Louvre

Photo credit: Unsplash

Christy had been looking forward to this trip to the Louvre Museum for three months now. Her fiancé Toby had promised this magical, romantic romp from the day she met him just about and now it was finally time. Packing for tomorrow’s voyage made her feel rejuvenated, sexy, and excited. As she tossed fancy lingerie and expensive perfume, just to make sure the romance part was taken care of, she sneezed as the spray nozzle on the perfume bottle accidently activated, sending perfume into her face. ‘Oh, well’, she laughed at herself, ‘the first kiss will be memorable anyway!’


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3TC Challenge 1 July 2018

Modern Problems

Man, I can’t go a single day without chewing gum, you know what I mean? There’s just certain things that flow better when I’m chewing gum, especially bubble gum, like housework, writing, or driving down the road, listening to my favorite jams.

What’s worse than stepping on gum with your shoe though? Well, one thing would be to open a brand new sleeve of crackers, anticipating that delicious flavor and crunch, only to find them stale. Man, that’s a bummer. Or, what if your favorite store carries every flavor of chewing (bubble) gum except the flavor you love the most?? Gotta hate that, right?

One day, I was driving along, chewing gum and listening to my fabulous music. I pulled into Walmart, opened the car door and stepped smack onto a gooey, sticky, pile of bubble gum. I quit chewing it on the spot.


These statements and observations (not to mention the bad fiction at the end) were brought to you by the 3TC Challenge as decided by The Haunted Wordsmith.


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Multiple Prompt Story-30 June 2018-Emphatic Denial


Emphatic Denial

It was heard on the radio that morning by half of the population of the United States

And seen on most of the social media

An asteroid was heading straight for the Earth

Yet we were told our picnics would be totally fine

So we continued to enjoy ourselves despite the lie

While those on the other side of the world

Looked on in utter horror.


This story was brought to you today by the 3TC and WOD prompts-thanks to all the peeps that put these together!