WOD Challenge 2-12-20 Superstition

Dungeon Dinner It was my own superstition that led me to seek the soothsayer in the dark dungeon. She invited me in to dine at her table, to discuss my fears, visions, and ask for a reading on what was to be my future. "Relax dear," she said, but I could not concentrate for worry… Continue reading WOD Challenge 2-12-20 Superstition

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WOD Challenge-09-21-19-Flight-Write Something Wednesday

Good morning everyone! I don't know how to run challenges or anything like that, but you are welcome to join in the fun anyway! I decided that the way I want to include the Word of the Day challenge today is to start a new Wednesday feature called Write Something Wednesday. I will give you… Continue reading WOD Challenge-09-21-19-Flight-Write Something Wednesday

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Word of the Day Prompt-Collar-Flash Fiction Friday-The Cocaine Cowboy

The Cocaine Cowboy There was no rain in the forecast so Sally headed outside, adjusted her collar, and started her mile-long walk. Normally, she brought her two pups along but they were hard to manage and she didn't want anything to break her stride today, today she was on a mission. Setting her pace in… Continue reading Word of the Day Prompt-Collar-Flash Fiction Friday-The Cocaine Cowboy

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I Found Something New

Good afternoon everyone! I am so excited to share with you this new place I found while looking for paying writing markets. It's called Drabblecast and the stories found there are made to be listened to in the form of a podcast, with guest speakers reading and studio created music and sound effects behind the… Continue reading I Found Something New

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3TC & WOD Prompt Challenge-The Tiny House

Good morning all! Today the challenge words will be combined as I have been trying to do for the last several days (time permitting) in one small story. Hope you like it, the come from the 3TC and Word of the Day prompts and by now you probably know who's blogs those come from, if… Continue reading 3TC & WOD Prompt Challenge-The Tiny House