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JusJoJan & WOD 01-25-21

David Hurley for Unsplash

She didn’t see life through rose colored glasses, so when the bully crushed them under his boot while snatching her purse in the dark alley, she swore he’d get his comeuppance.

At once, she started formulating her plan, even as he stuffed her in the trunk and drove away to where, she wouldn’t find out. She groped in the dark trunk for the ring to release the hatch, then waited for the car to stop at a light or something.

At the first opportunity, she popped the hatch and slithered out so she would not be detected. Carefully crouching behind the car, she peered through her hazel eyes that, without her specs made everything blurry, and cautiously made her way to the side of the road, miraculously, she didn’t get hit by oncoming traffic.

Hurriedly, she crept behind a gas station until he drove off, but before he did, she snapped a photo of his license plate. Once she saw his taillights disappear, she hurried into the shop and had the clerk call 911. She explained everything to the police when they arrived and luckily, they first put out a bolo for the crook’s car, then kindly drove her home, where she immediately made an appointment to get new glasses.

This silly short story was brought to you by the Word of the Day prompt and part of JusJoJan for today!


No Ill Will Here-CCC#82-WOD Challenge Combo

Thirteen-year-old Sara and her friends, all preteens like herself, approached the “haunted” barn with a cautious curiosity. “My brother says that devil worship goes on in there,” Sara said to Jodi.

“Nonsense!” Jodi replied. “My friend Casey says it’s perfectly safe inside and nothing evil is going on in there. Just a hang-out for kids who want to do what they want, away from home and rules.”

“You mean, like smoking and sex?” giggled Sara.

“I mean, like getting together with friends and playing games or something, Sara, get your mind out of the gutter.” said Jodi, rolling her eyes.

Sara grinned sheepishly as they made their way to the huge sliding door, located to the right of some thick overgrowth of trees and brush.

Pulling the door emitted a sharp metallic CREEAAKK, and the small gaggle of girls slowly entered, their eyes trying to adjust to the light. The four females, Sara, Jodi, Christal, and Liz simply stood there, rooted to the spot as their eyes landed on a scene out of Saturday Night Fever…a disco ball hung from the ceiling, spot lit by colorful lights as it spun lazily to the steady beat of Bad Company playing on the stereo.

Across the room, four teenage boys lounged on a long couch, as if waiting for the girl’s arrival.

“Whatcha standing there for ladies, let’s go!” Brandon shouted, jumping off the couch to come escort Sara to the large dance floor, lit up seemingly from underneath. Casey was there too, as well as Tommy, and Greg.

Shyly, Sara moved forward and soon, all eight teens were dancing and laughing, as their clueless parents worked to put food on the table.


Word of the Day Challenge

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The Longest Night


It’s dark. Although my eyes are closed, there’s light seeping around the edges of my vision. Is it because it’s just after five am or is it the light from the stovetop? I open my eyes and remember I’m in the living room. I had gotten up around 3:30 to urinate and suddenly remembered we left the water running in the pool. After carefully making my way outside in the dark, turning the water off, I tried to return to my bed, only to toss and turn, hot and uncomfortable, the effects of the drinks at dinner the night before.

Against my better judgement, I sat up in my chair, drinking water and reading everything from emails to Facebook on my iPad, trying to get tired enough to go back to sleep. To my credit, I didn’t play a single game. Finally, after an hour or so, I tried the couch. No luck there either. Reluctantly, I returned to the bedroom, needing the dark and the company of my partner…even if he snored. Luckily quite reigned, so I rolled over and willed myself to sleep. I must have dozed for a few minutes because I dreamed a litter of some kind of animals was born in my guest bathroom. My cat is fixed and was lounging in the sink on her towel as usual. Weird. Awake again now, I pulled the covers up and tried again to fall back to sleep. It never came.

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The Trip-08-06-19-FCCC Challenge #25

Daniel, Kerry, and their two boys were on a trip to see Daniel’s grandmother (They all called her granny). She lived in a remote area of east Texas and the trip from their home in Ft Worth took around three hours to drive. Once through the bustling city, the landscape became rural, and the closer they got to Granny’s place, the more dense the trees became. Going down the last tree-lined road before arriving at her house, Kerry noticed how peaceful it looked during the daytime, compared to how scary it looked at night.

She recalled one such trip when they arrived on this road in the dark, their nerves had been shattered by everything from a sick, crying baby, to crazy traffic…she was just ready to BE there already! As they slowly drove down the same road, their headlights illuminated the trees, making them seem frightening, Daniel said they must go slow for fear of wildlife darting out in the road. Just then, a rabbit’s eyes became visible, or was it a cat? Chupacabra? Their minds went crazy at the possibilities, and then the trees parted and Granny’s house thankfully came into view. Kerry decided right then and there, she’d rather make this trip in the daytime from now on!

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Multiple Prompt Story 25 July 2018

Today I will be combining three prompts, the Word of the Day, Three Things Challenge, and the photo prompt from Worth a Thousand Words #9. Here we go:

Photo credit: Couleur @Pixabay.com

Christmas in July

As the summer was winding down and school was getting ready to start, that was the time Cindy’s family‘s Christmas shopping began. Strange maybe, with everyone else doing their back-to-school shopping, Cindy’s Mom preferred to get a head start on holiday shopping with all the sales going on in July. You’ve surely heard of all the different companies that do those kinds of sales. From Wayfair to Barnes and Noble, there’s something for everyone. Retailers have a unique sensitivity to the shoppers needs and figure since July is a slow sales month, they can boost their revenue by getting shoppers to think about the holidays in the summer.

Today, Cindy’s Mom wanted to explore the goods at Christmas Town, one of the best places in Alabama for decorations year round. Inside were displays made of sparkly cotton on which rested everything from candy canes to smartly dressed snowmen, holiday train sets wandered through a snowy landscape.  Everywhere you looked were decorated Christmas trees with sparkling balls and glass ornaments in every style imaginable. Cindy tried to look everywhere at once, her eyes popping out of their sockets at all the available merchandise. Cindy was past the point of caring what anyone thought of her as she giggled and ran through the store, marveling at the Christmas wonderland before her.

Her mom even had to laugh seeing how crazy for Christmas Cindy was. Together, they decided on a theme for this year’s tree and shopped for all the coordinating decorations. It was a magical day spending quality time with her mother that Cindy would always remember.