No Ill Will Here-CCC#82-WOD Challenge Combo

Thirteen-year-old Sara and her friends, all preteens like herself, approached the "haunted" barn with a cautious curiosity. "My brother says that devil worship goes on in there," Sara said to Jodi. "Nonsense!" Jodi replied. "My friend Casey says it's perfectly safe inside and nothing evil is going on in there. Just a hang-out for kids… Continue reading No Ill Will Here-CCC#82-WOD Challenge Combo

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The Longest Night

  It’s dark. Although my eyes are closed, there’s light seeping around the edges of my vision. Is it because it’s just after five am or is it the light from the stovetop? I open my eyes and remember I’m in the living room. I had gotten up around 3:30 to urinate and suddenly remembered… Continue reading The Longest Night

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The Trip-08-06-19-FCCC Challenge #25

Daniel, Kerry, and their two boys were on a trip to see Daniel's grandmother (They all called her granny). She lived in a remote area of east Texas and the trip from their home in Ft Worth took around three hours to drive. Once through the bustling city, the landscape became rural, and the closer… Continue reading The Trip-08-06-19-FCCC Challenge #25

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Multiple Prompt Story 25 July 2018

Today I will be combining three prompts, the Word of the Day, Three Things Challenge, and the photo prompt from Worth a Thousand Words #9. Here we go: Christmas in July As the summer was winding down and school was getting ready to start, that was the time Cindy’s family's Christmas shopping began. Strange maybe,… Continue reading Multiple Prompt Story 25 July 2018

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Worth A Thousand Words Photo Prompt #4 Love Takes Flight

Today's photo prompt is provided by The Haunted Wordsmith who says to  find your inner muse and set it free. No limits on word count, let your imagination run wild. Have fun! Here is my take on it: Love Takes Flight The colors shown bright on the lowered clouds above the city Delores observed from… Continue reading Worth A Thousand Words Photo Prompt #4 Love Takes Flight