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Share Your World-Better Late Than Never

I know, I know…Cee’s Share Your World was yesterday but I couldn’t get to it as I was busy with my Dad in the morning (he had his endoscopy yesterday) and then writing a story for TLL (The Last Line) which I also didn’t finish yet. Here are my late answers anyway:

What would you name your autobiography: My Life Was a Hot Mess

What do you prefer, sweet, salty, or buttery? Ugh, I have to choose? Sweet…Even if my sweet comes from Stevia these days (most of the time), I still find myself craving fat bombs or desserts over real food.

My stack of fatbombs!

What’s the finest education? Um, the school of hard knocks. I did not finish college, in fact, I barely got started before I got pregnant and decided to concentrate on family life and work. However, I had many teaching experiences over the course of my life in the military, of course in my raising, and now as a married woman with 3 kids. Aaaaand, I’m a voracious reader. My belief is that a college education costs far more than it’s worth. Experience counts more these days.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? Man, I just love it when my kids come to visit, I got to see all 3 boys, two of their girlfriends and one of their girlfriends sons. We enjoyed spending time in the pool and eating a meal together, even if it was brief…it’s better than not at all.

Josh’s girl Chasity


Joshua my middle son

Hayden, Chasity’s 9 yr old




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