No Ill Will Here-CCC#82-WOD Challenge Combo

Thirteen-year-old Sara and her friends, all preteens like herself, approached the “haunted” barn with a cautious curiosity. “My brother says that devil worship goes on in there,” Sara said to Jodi.

“Nonsense!” Jodi replied. “My friend Casey says it’s perfectly safe inside and nothing evil is going on in there. Just a hang-out for kids who want to do what they want, away from home and rules.”

“You mean, like smoking and sex?” giggled Sara.

“I mean, like getting together with friends and playing games or something, Sara, get your mind out of the gutter.” said Jodi, rolling her eyes.

Sara grinned sheepishly as they made their way to the huge sliding door, located to the right of some thick overgrowth of trees and brush.

Pulling the door emitted a sharp metallic CREEAAKK, and the small gaggle of girls slowly entered, their eyes trying to adjust to the light. The four females, Sara, Jodi, Christal, and Liz simply stood there, rooted to the spot as their eyes landed on a scene out of Saturday Night Fever…a disco ball hung from the ceiling, spot lit by colorful lights as it spun lazily to the steady beat of Bad Company playing on the stereo.

Across the room, four teenage boys lounged on a long couch, as if waiting for the girl’s arrival.

“Whatcha standing there for ladies, let’s go!” Brandon shouted, jumping off the couch to come escort Sara to the large dance floor, lit up seemingly from underneath. Casey was there too, as well as Tommy, and Greg.

Shyly, Sara moved forward and soon, all eight teens were dancing and laughing, as their clueless parents worked to put food on the table.


Word of the Day Challenge


Day 3 of the 30-Day writing Challenge by Toots and WOD Challenge 3-5-20 Whimsical

Ahtoh Bopo6beB for Unsplash

Day 3: 10 likes and dislikes:

I’m going to try combining challenges this morning and start off by saying the Word of the Day is brought to you by Cyranny, and the 30-Day Writing Challenge is brought to you by Toots! 

So here is my list of likes and dislikes starting with that whimsical gnome in the picture.

  1.  I like gnomes, I have one in my garden, a tiny little thing. I should make it a point to set him somewhere he will be better seen!
  2.  I like coffee, can’t start my day without it…well, I have, but I always prefer to start it that way!
  3.  I like to vape, I know I should quit (we’ve been through this before), but since I can’t smoke, it’s the next best thing.
  4.  I like water, any form, but mainly the ocean. I will take a lake in a pinch, rivers fascinate me, but the sea is where my heart is.
  5.  I like sweets…too much. So since I try to stay keto 80% of the time, I make my own sugar-free sweets or buy them if they’re cheap.
  6.  I like writing, or I wouldn’t be doing this challenge! I make it a point to write every day, somewhere, on something. My blog(s), my journal(s), Medium, on Word, or wherever my heart takes me that day.
  7.  I like being home…too much also. It is a struggle sometimes to make myself get out, I feel I have so much to do here.
  8.  I like going out-I know, what I just said. This time I mean at night, for dinner, or to a movie, or better yet, to a nightclub (something that get’s rarer as we get older.
  9.  I like going to concerts, on cruises, to cultural events like plays or operas. I just haven’t been to any in a while but there’s concerts in my future!!
  10.  I like playing games, in fact, I did a whole story on games of my life on Medium…go check it out here!

Now for the dislikes…do I have to do 10? Oh well, I’ll try:

  1.  I hate mushrooms, ok I dislike their texture. I like the flavor because I have always liked cream of mushroom soup.
  2.  I dislike oatmeal, unless it’s made with steel-cut oats into a baked delicacy like my baked blueberry oatmeal.
  3.  I dislike mean people.
  4.  I dislike rude drivers.
  5.  I dislike liars.
  6.  I dislike thieves, although I have stolen something myself…when I was young. A candy bar, it was just for the thrill, then I felt awful.
  7.  I dislike chaos, I prefer order. I try to keep my life stress free and my house (somewhat) clean and organized.
  8.  I dislike wearing a ton of clothes. That’s one reason I hate winter. I want it to be warm so I can wear as little as I can get away with.
  9.  I dislike smoking now. I hate the smell, the ashes, the expense, and what it does to your body. I hope I never go back to it.
  10.  I dislike being cold, it hurts my bones. I have never liked the cold, God chose to put me in Texas for a reason. 😉

If you’d like to do either challenge, just click on the links above!


Word of the Day Challenge


Weekend Writing Prompt #113- Enthrall

Ode to Beaches


The part was enthralling

The cast came calling

The actors heads above

A timeless story of friendship and love

So now I sit bawling

Remembering just how good it was.

Bette and Barbara played their parts

With little effort, they stole our hearts

Mayim was fab in her role too, playing

The magnificent CC Bloom.

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WOD-06-13-19-Safe-Tail of a Comet


Well, I guess we are in the tail of a comet this morning, since my computer and phone show a connection, yet say I have none. I tried to bring up today’s temperature because this morning it’s a strange, chilly 63 degrees….so weird for June in Texas, right?!

Yet I feel safe in the knowledge that it will be hot by this afternoon, even without my trusty iPhone to tell me that. I walked outside to put trash in the can, clad only in a long t-shirt, the cold hit my legs and I thought to myself, what in the world?? IT”S JUNE!!!

The computer thing I’m totally used to. Our wi-fi goes in and out all the time. My phone and iPad may show an antenna, yet not load the page, picture, or whatever I’m trying to look at. Just now, as I was trying to start this post, the computer said I had lost the connection, it would back up the page until I was reconnected, which I am now. Weird.

I woke up at 4:40 am to potty and could not go back to sleep. I had a totally different post in mind…poof! It’s gone. Thank goodness for Cyranny and her wod prompt!

On a totally different note, I took Dad to his cardiologist yesterday for his 6 month follow-up, and pointed out that one of his legs stays slightly swollen all the time. She reached down to touch his shin and he yelped in pain. I asked him how long that had been hurting and he says years! Ugh! Why didn’t he tell me? Anyway, Friday, I’ll take him back for a venous doppler of both legs. This will show us if he is getting good blood flow and/or if he has any clots. Hopefully not. I’ll ask you for a prayer and keep you posted.

I hope you all have a wonderful if not weird and wacky Thursday…btw, the high for today will be a pleasant 85 degrees. IN JUNE!!! I’ll take it!