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Multiple Word Prompt 18 July 2018- A Near Cat-astrophe

Good morning everyone and welcome to today’s multiple word prompt-brought to you by the 3TC and the WOD.

A Near Cat-astrophe

Sandy sat at her computer writing the day’s dissertation when all of a sudden, the cat she so adored snatched the battery charging cord right out of it’s socket! The light went dim on her screen and she cursed despite herself, she knew the kitty didn’t mean to, she was just playing. She had already disconnected the HDMI cord from the TV in the game room and Sherman, her husband, had not had the time or inclination to plug it back in. Sandy set her bowl of grapefruit down, reached around the dining room chair, and grabbed the battery cord and plugged it back in. Yes! Let there be light! She always worked in the dining room where she had room to spread out. She tried to entice the kitty back to her side with some tasty grapefruit, but it was no use. The dogs were already there.


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