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Multiple Prompt Story 23 July 2018

Hey everyone! I’m taking a break from the studies so my eyes don’t pop out of my head! Bringing you a short, short story today so I can get back to it soon. Brought to you by 3TC and WOD as usual, here is today’s attempt:


Photo credit: Pixabay

Walking through the silent halls of the hotel, Jerry’s shoes made soft footfalls on the casino style carpet. Arriving at his room, number not important, he opened the door with the keycard and walked in. Plopping down on the bed, he decided to dine in this evening and dialed up some room service. Not starving, however, he only ordered a chef salad. Upon arrival, the bell hop lifted the lid revealing an insipid looking meal, yet Jerry was too tired to argue about it. Tipping the man, he went about the business of eating. The first bite was rather squishy and bitter, he spat it into his napkin and noticed with horror half of a caterpillar. Looking more closely at the salad, he discovered the other half under a leaf of romaine…appetite now gone for good. “Note to self,” he thought “Order cooked food from now on.”


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