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A Morning Swim

A Morning Swim

What a wonderful morning it was to take my coffee outside to the pool for a wake-up swim! It was a lovely 77 degrees, and after the past few sweltering days, the pool was still comfortable. I set my coffee at the edge alongside my towel and cell phone (can’t stray too far from that) and proceeded to scoop out the night’s garbage that had blown into the water. I took the net which was detached from its pole, boarded my big, fat, pink noodle, and paddled around the pool, collecting various flora and fauna from the liquid. I gathered bits of leaves, grass, and blossoms from the neighbor’s crepe myrtles. Into the net went various insects of every kind that succumbed to a watery death. Moths, bees, a locust (cicada), wasps, ants, and June bugs. Once that chore was done, I was free to glide through the water, pushing it aside with my arms while bicycling my legs. There was little to no pain in my knee so I figured a few moments would do my cottage cheese some good.

Observations were made in the peace and quiet, I neglected to turn on the radio since nothing but talk shows rule the airwaves in the early morning. It was 6:30am after all. Squirrels and birds fought for space on the limbs of the lush canopy at the back of our property. I could hear them rustling the leaves of the branches as they frolicked through the trees. Meanwhile, a different sort of activity was taking place at the ground level, my kitten was trying to outrun my Shorky Brandy and I wish I had taken video of them racing around the pool and yard together. They were quite the spectacle! I turned my eyes to the sky and while I usually admire God’s beauty, there was nothing picture-worthy going on this morning, just a few cirrus clouds lazily floating along. Although there has been no rain for days, the air smelled like it had just rained and I decided that maybe our neighbors had watered, or run their sprinklers. Since the budget is tight right now we haven’t been running ours on a regular, so I decided the flowers needed hand watering and made my way up the steps and out of the pool. Twenty minutes had gone by.



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