I Won’t Give Up

Today’s word of the day is Loath and can be found here.

I Won’t Give Up

Broccoli rabe

Sunday, I decided to make a new vegetable to change things up a bit. I made broccoli rabe, according to a recipe I found on Pinterest. I have to admit, it came out rather bitter, even though it had lots of garlic and olive oil on it. I was disappointed but loath to give up completely. I will try again, maybe next time adding some cooked bacon and/or lemon juice to cut the bitterness. Those of you used to eating turnip greens may not mind, I don’t eat those often either. After reading, researching,  and writing my post the other day on why you should get more plant protein into your diet, I vowed to try to eat a better variety of vegetables as well as cutting back on my meat consumption. This will be a challenge for me though, folks, I LOVE meat!

Some of you may have seen the pic I shared on Facebook Sunday night of my meal, if not, here you go. Yes, I know it was a little bit of a cheat to have BBQ sauce on my chicken, I will stress again that I follow the Keto diet 80% of the time.

Bbq chicken thigh, broccoli rabe, salad

I took the picture before I had put my dressing on my salad, for those who care, I use Ranch. 🙂

My ranch is full fat and still only has 2 carbs per serving! Plus, I get less than that because I don’t use a full serving, I barely use 1 Tbsp much less 2! Anyway, I digress. This is my writing blog, not my Keto blog, just sayin’. Y’all have a good Tuesday!


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