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Word Of The Day-Leisure

Today’s WOD is provided by Dee over at Thriving Not Surviving and is the inspiration for today’s rant.

Not Much Leisure Here

This has been a very busy week, topped off by the holiday weekend in which we are hosting a large family get-together with dinner. Summer is unfortunately coming to an end, school is back in (not that it matters to me, my kids are grown), and this weekend serves as the official “close the pool” party, even though we all know there will still be time to swim a bit longer. The nights are getting cooler however, so I know the end of the season is near.

This week was one of those in which I was in service to my family almost every single day in one form or fashion. Two days, my dad had speech therapy, Wednesday, my brother had surgery and I spent the night with him to assure his needs were met and he did not fall. Thursday was my mother-in-law’s first tough chemo (her protocol was changed because the “soft” chemo was only effective for a year and then her cancer came back. Now she is on CHOP and that is very hard on the system. She will become immunocompromised and cannot be around kids and/or sick people.

In between all of that was the usual housecleaning and laundry duties, writing, and errands. I guess there was leisure at night when we rested in front of the tv after dinner, and Friday night when we had family over to swim and hang out. Don’t get me wrong, I love serving my family, I’m a born caregiver, just don’t think for a minute I’ve been resting on my laurels over here. 😉


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