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Crazy Rich Asians-Movie Review

What a nice day this has been! Just finished a fabulous dinner my husband prepared. T-bone steaks and the perfect sweet potato and salad.

The day started out with me and my Meetup group of Fabulous Friends going out to see Crazy Rich Asians at the Bedford Central Movie Tavern. A very cute movie, not the side slapper I was expecting,  but a very touching movie, rich with cultural references and beautiful cinematography.

A totally Asian cast, stand outs included Constance Wu  as Rachel, the female lead, as the native New Yorker meeting her boyfriend’s family in Singapore for the first time, Henry Golding as Nick Young her wealthier than wealthy boyfriend, and Awkwafina as Peik Lin, Rachel’s best friend. The entire cast was great including Michelle Yeoh as Nick’s mother and Ken Jeong playing his usual quirky role as Peik Lin’s interfering dad.

Early on you realize that Rachel is clueless about Nick’s wealth, as the movie unfolds all sorts of mahem ensues as she finds out one little detail after another. Rachel is an American born Chinese economics professor who goes with Nick to Singapore for his best friend’s wedding. You realize by the movie’s end that family is the most important thing, even if they’re a bit crazy. I thought they tried a bit too hard to get a laugh, yet felt sincere about the message of respect, love, and relationship woes in this seasons hit sleeper.

An unbelievable factoid, this is the first Western-produced all Asian cast since the Joy Luck Club 25 years ago!

The songs will get stuck in your head, all too familiar tunes like “Material Girl” and “Money (That’s What I Want) yet sung by Asian stars. Go see it for the lessons in culture, the fashions, and the gorgeous scenery (including Nicks abs) but don’t go hoping for the slapstick comedy it is touted to be. Although I’m no movie critic, I’d rate it a strong B+.

Check Out a trailer here

Members of my group are also from a club that read the book, however, I have not. My review is an opinion based on the movie only. 😁


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