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Word of the Day-9/13/18-Peddler

Peddler-a person who goes place to place selling small goods.

I am reminded of our time living in Groves, Tx. when we would attend the annual Peddler’s Show. It was similar to the Home Shows around here, with anything and everything you could think of for in and around your home for sale. From clothing and jewelry to homemade treats and hunting gear, you could find it all at the Peddler’s Show.

Aerial view of Canton Trade Days

Here, not far from my neck of the woods, we have the city of Canton which does First Monday, a three day affair every month at the biggest flea market in Texas! Peddlers in the thousands sell their wares to shoppers in the indoor/outdoor spaces. What we used to call peddlers are now described as vendors, and Canton is their favorite place to sell their goods. This flea market attracts buyers from Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma who are looking for home décor, furnishings, antiques, clothing, crafts, jewelry, gifts, and collectables.

If you find yourself in Texas, you should plan to go to this once-a-month shopper’s delight. Here is a link to their website: Canton Trade Days

Today’s WOD comes from Dee at Thriving Not Surviving, thanks Dee!


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