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Election Day!

It’s Election Day, Yea!! Maybe once the voting is over (Y’all get out there and vote please!) the stupid, non-stop, aggravating political ads on TV will cease and desist! I’m so sick of them, are you?? Thing is, if you don’t go vote, you have no right to complain about what goes on, so go do it!!

Photo Credit: Parker Johnson on Unsplash

Ok, rant over, happy Tuesday everybody!


4 thoughts on “Election Day!

  1. Suze says:

    i really do wish that the candidates would accept that negative ads only serve to make people dislike the ones being negative. both parties do it and it really should stop. I voted. I am getting a break right now from driving others to the polls so they can vote. I am scheduled from now until 7 pm when the polls close in Oklahoma. so no post today, just a quick check in with my favorite bloggers!

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  2. Voted! 🙂 And yes… I get sick of the mud slinging. I think ads would move so many more people if they focused on how a candidate wants to help others and serve society rather than smearing his/her opponent!!

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