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Winter Blues

Winter Blues

The last flower before the freeze.


Gone are the lazy summer days

Now is time for holidays

Frigid temps are here

Creeping close to end of year

Colors of the summer fade

No more sparkling shores to wade

Dreading cold and windy pain

Cloudy days cause dark disdain

Pouring down in icy rain

Perk up dears, it’s not for long

Next year brings a brand new song

Warmer days are sure to follow

Sure as God has promised tomorrow.


Those of you that know me know I HATE winter, cold, wearing layers off clothes, so this is my ode to the end of summer and the start of the gray, cold, cloudy season that is winter. Cold weather makes me a hermit, I guess that’s good for a writer but not for people that have to get out and face the frigid elements. That will soon be me, since I have taken a new job and will soon be working with our youngest citizens at my friend Elise’s church daycare. Surely the promise of snuggling babies and toying with tots will make me anxious to face the dreary days to come. Oh, and the magic of the holidays…there’s that too! Stay warm my friends, wherever in the world you live, and know that I am sending toasty thoughts and prayers your way. Know also, that I’m a whiner, a big baby…it’s only 31 here today yet to hear me talk you’d think I was snowed in. 😝

Check out my other blog for today’s post, where I try to warm you with a new porridge I found that finally has the taste and texture I’ve been looking for…and of course it’s low carb and high fat. Perfect for you lovers of the keto lifestyle like me!





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