New Life, New York, & A New Perspective

Totally worth the read by a fellow blogger and son of a former classmate.

Theology Matters


New Life
One morning, my life changed forever. And I knew it would never be the same again.

I got the news that our family was expanding. That my lovely wife was pregnant. That new life had begun.

A flurry of emotions rushed through me. I was overly excited, anxious, happy, nervous, at peace, and scared. Like most prospective fathers, I was simply overwhelmed at the miracle of life that had begun inside my beautiful wife.

In the weeks that followed, we utilized pregnancy apps, books, and websites to track the progress and growth of our new child. We were awestruck at the incredible intricacies of development, even in the earliest stages of life.

At the moment of conception, the child’s sex and all inherited genetic characteristics (eye color, hair color, body type, etc.) are determined. Instantly. Within the first week, the…

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