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I Found Something New

Good afternoon everyone! I am so excited to share with you this new place I found while looking for paying writing markets.

It’s called Drabblecast and the stories found there are made to be listened to in the form of a podcast, with guest speakers reading and studio created music and sound effects behind the speaker reading the tales. Stories are very different at Drabblecast, ranging from the weird to the downright silly. One needs to have an active imagination, a taste for the strange or magical element, and in some cases, a strong stomach. Stories have titles and numbers like the first one I listened to-#43 Jelly Park, which I haven’t stopped gushing bout since.

To check out a story yourself, go to drabblecast.org and peruse the site for yourself. Start with New to The Drabblecast? and have a look around. The artwork is also submitted, just like the stories and is fantastic. The stories are called episodes and remind me of the old Inner Sanctum and The Shadow radio shows. I may have found a new pastime! I always say I never have enough time to read, but these are short enough, that you could listen to a few a day, if you were so inclined.

An example of the artwork and stories found on Drabblecast

Every podcast starts out with the narrator Norm Sherman introducing the story and a bit about the author. Professional authors like Tim Pratt, Mike Resnick, and Ben H. Winters have appeared on the podcast, I’ve already listened to several different author’s stories told by Tim Pratt. He’s awesome!

The Drabblecast publishes short and flash fiction and is a paying market if you think you want to try your hand at creating speculative fiction, horror, science fiction, or fantasy. They want weird, gross, bizarre, and badass and they publish “Strange Stories for Strange Listeners” so put your eclectic thinking cap on and get busy, like I did! I got so excited at the website itself, and the stories I heard there, that I immediately wanted to be a part of the weirdness. I found the site on Thursday and had my first story written and submitted by today! Wish me luck! Mind you, I am a complete stranger to writing anything like this, yet hearing the stories come to life with strange and/or whimsical sound effects in the background was inspiring, to say the least! Search the submissions page on their site for rules, there aren’t many, I promise. 🙂

Drabblecast takes donations from it’s listeners/readers and pays it’s artists and writers from these donations. If you truly enjoy the podcasts, $10 a month would get you access to the coveted B-Sides feed.

I do hope you check it out for yourself and let me know what you think! Just be aware if listening at night with your earphones, chillbumps and paranoia will ensue!!


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