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WOD-Hope-Feb 12-2019

The Word of the day is Hope

Hoping All Goes Well

This weekend will be the culmination of a month’s work, striving to preserve my mother-in-law’s memory as best we know how. We are hoping all goes well since we have basically put the whole service together ourselves. When you have a funeral, most of the work is done by the funeral home. When someone is cremated, things are a bit different. Dave wrote the obituary and also the eulogy. We chose to have her service at our church, in their chapel. They were kind enough to provide this space for free because we are members of the church.  We took care of choosing the pictures and music for the memory reel, the picture that will be displayed, bought flowers to go next to the urn and picture, secured a pastor (Dave’s cousin) to perform the service, and designed the bulletin. My sister-in-law purchased her urn, a beautiful wooden box with intricate flowers engraved on it’s lid. Our son Chris helped Dave with the technical aspects of moving the music and pictures to files so that everything flows smoothly and is timed correctly. I’m sure it will be a beautiful service that the family will be proud of, and afterwards Dave will have peace knowing he did right by his mother. Maybe then, he can finally sleep. One can only hope.


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