Today’s Word of the Day Prompt-Down

Today’s wod prompt is Down brought to you by Dee at Thriving not Surviving.


Should I start with how the weekend went? I will, starting with Friday- That morning I took Dad to the doctor to get his shoulders looked at, he can barely lift his arms to reach for a glass of water (yet somehow the man still manages to play a mean game of pool) and the doctor said they were simply worn out. Dad is 84 years old, has arthritis, and has already had shoulder surgery on the left one. Doctor Kodoko gave him a shot of Cortisone in the left one to try and help with the pain, he also said return in a month and he would put a shot in the right shoulder. Dad never even flinched, he accepts whatever they tell him to do and moves on. So far, he hasn’t felt much relief. That makes me feel down.

We went from there back to my house to wait until it was time to go to DFW National Cemetery where we had my mother-in-law’s ashes interred. Now she is with Popo and they are in Heaven together. It was a long ride out and back, we went to Outback and had a nice lunch with him, my brother, and my son Chris’s girlfriend Becky. Then we took Dad to the store and back home. Dave sat down on the couch and I guess he was really down or tired or a mix of the two, because he slept there on and off all night until I made him go get in the bed. He has been fighting a sinus/allergy thing and I’m sure the day was also emotional for him.

 It is a really beautiful cemetery with peaceful rolling hills, close to a lake and Dallas Baptist University. Of course, our people were cremated and reside in the columbureum which looks like this:

Where my mom is and my dad will be when it is his time.

There are many of these walls and markers, behind the plates are vaults where the urns go with the loved ones cremains. Although it saves the earth, it feels somehow less personal than a burial, yet we gathered with family and had some moments of quiet reflection. It’s hard not to feel down at a time like this, but soon we were all catching up with each other and making plans to meet Sunday. Claudette and Robert’s marker has to be remade now that they are both interred, so I will take a picture of theirs next time we visit.

Saturday we did a bit of running around and then Dave made lasagna to cook for Sunday dinner. I decided to make Keto Cannoli ice cream, which turned out great until I put it in the freezer. Sunday when we got ready to eat it, it was frozen solid as a rock! That had me down, but eventually it thawed and everyone said it had been delicious and so worth the wait. That had me feeling better! Also the fact that I got to spend lots of time with the family had me feeing up, unfortunately I get so caught up with visiting and eating and enjoying our time together, I never remember to take pictures! 😦

Sunday was church and then later the family came over to eat, Dave had made two lasagnas, one with regular pasta and one with zucchini noodles for me to eat. What a man! Anyway, four of us ended up eating that one and everyone loved it! Then I had made strawberry syrup, and set out blueberries and cookie crumbles for the Cannoli ice cream. The cookies had been so horrible that they didn’t even make good ice cream topping so I had to trash the whole batch of cookies I had made. Yet the ice cream (once finally thawed) was really good and most people didn’t even use the fruit or syrup! Everything was sugar free of course, but we all enjoyed it anyway, it was very rich so we each just had a small scoop and it was plenty!

Of course I haven’t said everything we did this weekend, but I did catch the first episode of the final season of The Walking Dead, and I worked on my secret Diamond Art project and my coloring project for The Escapist Coloring Club. It is done, so I can’t wait to post pics of that when it’s time!

Now it’s April 1 and I can say with no foolin that although the weekend had it’s ups and downs, it was still a success! I hope you all had a good one too and next time, I will try to remember the pictures!!! 🙂


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