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Word of the Day Prompt-Collar-Flash Fiction Friday-The Cocaine Cowboy

The Cocaine Cowboy

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There was no rain in the forecast so Sally headed outside, adjusted her collar, and started her mile-long walk. Normally, she brought her two pups along but they were hard to manage and she didn’t want anything to break her stride today, today she was on a mission. Setting her pace in her pedometer app, then her music, she started down the hike and bike trail, determined to get a mile or more in today, while at the same time, blasting the fat and toning her legs in the process.

Sally was not obese, yet she had always struggled with her weight. In her eyes, even ten pounds overweight was too much. She was a marathoner and she had an important race coming up. Wishing she had brought along her water bottle, yet feeling like it would be cumbersome, she pushed on, listening to the beat of her music and timing her steps accordingly. She wanted to get ten thousand in today at least, so her choice of music was an inspiration to her. Songs from groups like Korn and Bring Me The Horizon were good choices for a steady pace.

Rounding the bend she headed toward Main Street, where she could see some blue and red flashing lights. As she approached, she saw two police cars had one car pulled over, which usually meant someone was fixing to go to jail. She watched as the officer in the first car approached the driver who for some reason had stepped out of the car. As she got closer she saw suspicious activity, so she removed an earbud so she could hear what was taking place. The fellow in the car was yelling something at the officer and now the second cop was out of his car and approaching the subject with his hand on his gun.

Sally stopped on the trail while still at a safe distance and watched this drama unfold, there was never any action like this in her sleepy little town. What was this guy’s trip anyway, you know you never want to get out of the car when stopped by the police. He must be in some real trouble. The yelling continued with both cops screaming for him to get back in the car, as Main Street was a super crowded road at this time of the day, late afternoon. The man continued to plead with his hands up, yet not moving to get back in the car. Now both cops had their guns drawn and were in shooting position, but the second cop was coming around the subject’s car from the opposite side. The man saw this and at least put his hands on his head, finally realizing he was surrounded and was not getting out of this.

As Breaking Benjamin was singing Blow Me Away in her left ear, Sally stared in fascination as the cops finally made the collar, dragging the suspect off the road and to the intersection of the hiking trail and the road. She had to wonder what the heck did the guy do, was he hiding drugs, did he have a warrant, had he committed a felony? From her distance of several hundred feet, it was impossible to say. Soon though, the cops had him in handcuffs and he was put in the second officer’s back seat to be transported to jail, presumably. Well, so much for her completing her mission today, she thought. Maybe she would jog back to the house and write down what she just saw, thinking this will make a great story! That way, she would kill two birds with one stone, you see, Sally was not only a marathon runner, she was also an online flash fiction author.

Jogging back to the house, she crafted the tale she would write in her head, by the time she penned her story this guy would be famous! Quickly she pounded out 850 words, editing afterwards and then hitting the submit button to her online publication. She felt a sense of accomplishment having written a great story and getting her steps in today as well. She looked at her step tracker and what do you know? She had made her step count after all! Later that evening, on the local news, she saw the story of the arrest she witnessed. Turns out the police had nabbed the guy for robbing several of the Quick Marts in her area, a crime to be sure, but nothing like she had conjured up in her mind. She had penned a tale of how the man had lead the police on a multi-city chase and the eventual abduction of a criminal on the most wanted list, responsible for trafficking the most cocaine her state had ever seen! The police were heroes in her story, surely “The Cocaine Cowboy” would win her an award, even if her upcoming marathon didn’t. ‘Well, you can’t win them all’, she thought.


I hope you enjoyed my little bit of flash fiction combining the word of the day prompt. Maybe I will try to get back to my Flash Fiction Fridays if such inspiration strikes again. Have a good weekend everyone!


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