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Lazy Day & Works in Progress

This morning as the rain moved through, I was sitting at the kitchen table working on my latest Diamond Art Painting. Hubby called out to come look at the duck swimming around in our pool and how the cat was wishing she could go after him. I corralled all the pets indoors and got comfy for an hour or two’s work in progress.

I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying these Diamond Paintings, I told my oldest son about it and he had me a business plan in mind. I told him I was proud his brain was working that way, but I would rather make them as gifts or myself, or maybe even as a fundraiser for PKD. My thought was to offer to make someone a picture for a $50 donation to my team fundraiser this year for PKD. I’ve already bought another picture to do after the one I’m working on for myself, lol. It was on clearance!

Just getting started, one or two colors in when I began this morning

A close up, showing the symbols that indicate what color diamonds go where

When I got done I had one more color and had watched 2 episodes of the OA on Netflix.

Since it was oogy outside and hubby had a headache, we settled in for a Stephen King marathon and watched Christine and Pet Semetary and I played Words with Friends and worked on my next coloring project for Linda G Hill’s Escapist Coloring Club.

A colorful Toucan taking shape

Somewhere in the midst of all this non-active activity, I washed a load of clothes, so I wasn’t completely unproductive today. Later we went to dinner at my favorite restaurant located in the Stockyards area of Ft Worth called Los Vicaros.

Obviously a cheat day 🤣

Now we are back on the couches watching tv again, laundry is done and put away and tomorrow we will go to church and have the fam over for dinner to celebrate my brother turning 55. I hope he’s down for home made hamburgers and French fries! Perhaps we will be treated to meeting the First Lady he’s dated in fifteen or so years (that I know of) and I’m excited at the prospect.

I hope y’all have had a fun day whatever you did!


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