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How Do You Find Me?

Photo credit: Rafif Prawira for Unsplash

Hey guys! I have a quick question I’d like to ask of everyone who may be new to my blog(s). How did you find me?

After skimming through the reader this morning, which I rarely do, it dawned on me that I don’t know how people find my blog. Is it through other bloggers that follow me, or do my posts show up in the Reader? I’m really curious. As for this blog, it probably needs work, most people I would imagine, find me through my other blog (Keto for Beginners) because I never gave this one it’s own address. I could, but then I would have to pay extra. 😦

I never got into email marketing, but I know WordPress sends new followers an email to notify you of a new post. So this isn’t a marketing ploy, curious minds just want to know. So, thanks in advance!

For the newbies though, thanks so much for following/reading/commenting on my sites and now I am managing three!

This one-Words on a Page

My Original one-Keto for Beginners

A new one-Best Life Collaborative where myself and a few others post on mental health issues to try and give you your best life.

Thanks again to everyone for being here, I really appreciate it and besides wanting to express my creativity, I really want to help people in some small way.


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