Today’s word of the day comes from Cyranny and the prompt for today is Keen.


I’m so keen to tell you all that my bags are almost packed, because we are getting away for a few days starting tonight! My brother in law has a spot at Lake Fork where he has parked his new (old) RV and, barring nasty weather, we are gonna do some fishing!! Oh, yall, I miss it so much that I don’t even care that we aren’t going tot the beach this time. He has a bass boat, and hopefully, my butt will be on it, along with my hubby Dave for some prime fishin time!

Just to get out of here for a few days makes my heart sing. Not that I don’t love my house, cause I do, but everyone needs a break now and then! This morning I am working with the wonderful Miss Stephanie, then this afternoon my regular part-time job at the church daycare…then home to finish packing and we are out a here!! Please pray for decent weather (the forecast is calling for 100% chance of rain on Saturday) and good luck with the fishes!! Either way, it will be some much needed camping and relaxing time! Lana, I’m speaking your language! LOL

Ok, gotta go, cause I’m not too keen on missing breakfast before work! See yall later with updates and hopefully pictures of flora, fauna, and fishes!!! Have a great weekend everybody!!


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