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Bass Camp-Lake Fork

No Fish Yet  Plenty of Fauna

Nestled among the pines and the cypress trees just south of Yantis, Texas is a spot my brother-in-law and his friend have been going to for fourteen years now. They call it bass camp, a gathering of good friends for fishing, fellowship, eating, and lots of shenanigans. Last night, Dave and I arrived just in time for some freshly caught crappie and French fries, and the gathering get-to-know ya group around the fire. The drinks were flowing but no blood got spilled, so it was a good night.

Dave hasn’t been anywhere to relax and decompress since vacation last summer, so it was high time we had a little get away. Let’s just say the drinking commenced and luckily, we had plans to get up early and go fishing or we would have been in serious trouble. As it was, we had mild hangovers that good coffee and a home made taquito fixed right up.

Leaving out this morning on our way to what turned out to be a fruitless fishing trip (hope we have better luck this evening) I snapped some pictures of the beauty surrounding us. Unfortunately, I was too busy keep my line in the water to take pictures of the magnificent herons, egrets and turtles we saw while out, but I do hope you enjoy the pics I took. More to come tomorrow especially if it storms all day as predicted 😔 Dave said even being stuck in the trailer would be better than being at work though. 😊 I’ll take some more pics tonight for tomorrow’s post.

We are in the Wildwood camper with Bubba and Connie. Actually, she arrives tonight, she missed last night’s feast and fun. Lucky, there’s tonight and tomorrow-pray for an early break in the rain. 😉


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