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Escapist Coloring Club-New Pics!

Escapist Coloring Club

To join in yourself, go to Linda G Hill’s original post.

I’ve been working on my latest coloring project in between writing, working, and doing my Diamond Art, so needless to say, they have taken me a while! Some I had started a while ago and just finished up and one I just did recently.

My lively Toucan

Sometimes when I get done with a project, I look at it and say to myself, I wish I’d have thought that through. That is kind of how I feel about this guy! The leaves made me feel like they should have been green, but now looking at it, I’m not crazy about it. Maybe I have too many colors going on, idk. What are your thoughts?

Next, I have a project I started a while back, and since I have seen these birds in the wild, I think I like my color scheme a lot better.

Mr roseate spoonbill

The last entry is one I just finished up today, but I started several months ago (maybe even a year)! It’s another one I should have planned better, but it’s ok I guess. I should have done them mirroring each other but went rebel instead. 🤣

My not so in sync seahorses

So there you have it, that ought to cover me for a little while so I can get started on the next piece! I hope you enjoy and if you want to, I hope you get involved! I love seeing everyone’s  work!


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