Escapists Coloring Club 3-30-20

Last night I finished le froggy the latest coloring page for Linda G Hill’s Escapist Coloring Club so I could get it in before April 1st! Le Froggy   I tried to stay away from green as much as possible, but my mind said no! I love my sparkly little frog, he reminds me of… Continue reading Escapists Coloring Club 3-30-20


Escapist Coloring Club 2-10-20 My Kitty is Done

A week or so ago, I sent y’all a teaser post of my kitty in the beginning stages, and now I’m happy to say he is finished! There he is in all his pieces and parts. What do you think? I’m not sure I like the pink ears, I should have played around with those… Continue reading Escapist Coloring Club 2-10-20 My Kitty is Done


Escapist Coloring Club 2-1-20 A Teaser

  I know it's early, but I have been working on a new page for Linda's Escapist Coloring Club and she posted a new prompt today. I figured I'd post a teaser today, and the finished project when I'm done. Now, since hubby is sick and I have extra couch time, I will go get… Continue reading Escapist Coloring Club 2-1-20 A Teaser


Escapist Coloring Club 1-1-20

      Well, I was coloring all night last night while watching the goofy New Years shows, and by 12:30 I was too pooped to go on. This was my December picture, but I just didn’t make it. Oh well. Happy New Year everyone 🥳   Well, I decided to finish the picture today,… Continue reading Escapist Coloring Club 1-1-20