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WOD-05-09-19-No Escape

Word of the Day Challenge

No Escape

The story that follows is in response to Cyranny’s Word of the Day prompt: Escape. Today’s prompt played perfectly into this true tale I’m about to relate. Enjoy!


Yesterday was as predicted…stormy, and I had no plans to leave the house until absolutely necessary, until that changed the night before. My brother called and said he needed a ride to the local car repair shop to drop off his work truck since it was giving him problems. I said yes, you do for your family and friends when you can, after all, and planned to meet him at the shop at 7:30am. In addition, yesterday was “picture day” at the preschool I work at, so I figured I could kill two birds with one stone, as it were, while I was out.

Luckily, the bad weather had already rolled through (or so I thought), and we were only dealing with cloudy, windy skies and a few sprinkles at the moment. Now, most of you who know or follow me know that Wednesdays are for my dad and myself, so normally I don’t get out until noon. Yesterday was different, yet I just figured I wasn’t going to get much done anyway, so I would go with the flow and see where the day took me. With any luck, I could fit in a couple of other errands while I was out.

I could go into a lot of details about that, but I’m going to give you the condensed version of the story to save time. So I did my normal routine since I’m always up early anyway, got myself ready and headed out the door around 7:20…the local Calloway’s is only 10 minutes away, and met my brother as planned. Now, he is house sitting for a friend this week, so I was to deliver him to Bob’s house and then my plan was to go home and eat breakfast before I had to go to the preschool at 9am for pictures. None of that happened.

First stop after picking him up, was to take him by his house for some items he forgot, then we were on our way.

As soon as we were within five minutes of Bob’s house, my brother informed me that he forgot the garage clicker…his only access into Bob’s house, in his work truck. Sigh. So back to Calloway’s we went, retrieved the clicker, and proceeded again to Bob’s house. By now it was lightly raining again. Ugh. Leaving Bob’s it was now close to 8:30am, so I figured no time to go home and eat, I would just do one of my errands and head to the school for the pictures after. I got all the way to the wig shop (by now the weather is cranking up) and discovered it does not open until 10am. Ugh!! So, I headed to the school, luckily, the rain was not so heavy that using my umbrella kept me from looking like a drowned rat for my picture. It took less than 5 minutes, so I trudged back to the car and prepared to go do my second errand before heading home. That’s when the sky opened up.

Naturally, I put the car in gear and a bell went off signaling that the trunk was open. WTH? How did that happen?! So out in the rain I went to close it. Now my hair is a mess, but it doesn’t matter, I’m going home. The lightening was intense and now the rain is pouring down sideways. No Aldi stop for me. Who needs vanilla and stevia that bad anyway? I’m going home, the storm is getting pretty bad. Even with the radio on, I can tell the thunder is tremendous and my hubby had warned me to get home soon. “On my way,”  I texted him.

Safely back home, I enter my house from the garage to a scary looking scene in my kitchen. There are what looks like blood droplets all over the floor, the cat is lazing contently by the cabinet and the dogs are going crazy because I’m home as usual. I drop my purse and immediately check everyone’s paws for injuries. Finding none, I start to investigate. I watch a lot of crime shows, so my hackles are up, not knowing what I’m going to find around the corner, but suspecting something is amiss here. I know for a fact all the doors and windows are closed, yet it looks as though there has been a struggle in my house. I proceed cautiously into the living room to find a total mess. My CBD oil had been knocked over on my side table, (the plunger had broken off and was lose anyway) and it had soaked through the magazines and other stuff, there was some small feathers (feathers?) littering the floor, and I again looked in the kitchen at the blood-like drops everywhere trying to put two and two together. I must have been food deprived because my brain was not working at this point.

Further into the living room I saw the cat’s scratching post toppled over, and all the junk on the side tables was knocked off. So at this point I’m thinking the storm scared her and she went bat shit crazy running all over the living room, not caring what she did in the process. The dogs look fine, just curiously watching me run around like a nut playing detective. It was then as I started to straighten things up, that something caught my eye. I looked up at the Regulator clock in our living room, and there atop it,  sat a bird! Well now I’m really scared, I start wondering how the hell did a bird get in my house. Again I go check all the doors and windows, not even thinking about the obvious answer. My hubby had to clue me in when I sent him a quick pic and explanation. The cat must have brought the bird in through the doggy door! Then the bird, I assumed, fought for it’s life, creating the huge mess in the house, somehow got away and flew up to the clock where it felt safe.

A blue jay patient to wait for help

For some reason, probably because I am a mom and something of a neat nick, I cleaned up a bit of the mess before attempting to help the bird escape. I conjured up a plan to raise a broom up to the clock hoping he would step on it and I could entice him to fly out of the now-opened sliding glass door leading to the patio. Uh, no. He flew into the kitchen and attached himself to the blinds, then when I approached, he flew up to the ceiling and fell into the corner next to my coffee bar. I was then able to carefully cover him with a dishcloth and carry him outside to a high spot…my hubby’s grill. He was so traumatized he didn’t even struggle. I checked him for injuries, then left him there thinking when he calmed down he would fly away. Poor thing, luckily, I had locked the cat in the bathroom for this period of time. I went about mopping and sweeping the floors, cleaned up the spilled CBD oil and “stuff” it got all over, and after some time I looked out the window in the kitchen nook and he was gone. Thank goodness!

I am proud of my cat for being a great huntress, however, I asked her as I freed her from the bathroom to please refrain from bringing live animals such as birds, lizards and mice into my house, and stick to killing rats in the yard if you don’t mind. She just looked at me as it to say, “Yeah, right.” Sigh. The good news (If there is any to this story) is that my brother finally remembered to give me my long-awaited birthday present (one of the forgotten items we picked up from the stop by his house), two gift certificates for a 50-minute massage each, which I decided I would share with my hubby to make it a sort of couple’s retreat. I think we’re going to need it. 😉




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