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What a Wonderful Anniversary Weekend!

Oh my goodness, y’all! I just had the best extended anniversary weekend, we were celebrating 34 years of marriage and my husband absolutely doted on me! We spent almost every moment together, even into yesterday, since he accompanied me to the doctor’s office to hear the results of my MRI and find out when I would be scheduled for knee surgery.

My beautiful roses and card

First off, Friday he sent me two dozen roses which were waiting on my doorstep when I got home from work. They even came with a beautiful red vase! Then, when he got home, he ran and then we went out to dinner at our favorite local Mexican food place because we both felt like a margarita. We came home and spent the entire evening sitting by the pool, drinking (yes, I was bad and had a few more homemade margaritas) and listening to music and talking the night away.

Frijoles makes great a margarita

(ps: before I went home from work, I stopped by the beauty shop and had my hair dyed…it was time for a change!)

The gray fountain had to go 🤣

I’m not gonna lie to you guys, or sugar-coat anything, it’s been a very amorous weekend as well. 😉  You’d think we were a couple of teenagers instead of the fifty-somethings we are the way we acted, but hey, we’re old, not dead!!

Anyway, continuing on, Saturday we did our usual running around and errands and while doing so, he took me to the mall, treated me to some new underthings and a delicious smelling body mist at Victoria Secret since they were having their semi-annual sale. I had been totally prepared to buy it myself, yet he did it for me! We also stopped by Home Depot for something…dirt I think it was, and he bought me a new Hibiscus. He knows how much I love to have flowers and greenery in the backyard during summertime!

From there we went to Walmart to get meat so we could make family dinner that night, we had my dad and brother over for burgers, brats, and sides, then Dad and I played a few games of pool before my brother, Kevin had to go home and pack for his church trip to Colorado this week. Dad was ready to retire by then and Kevin took him home. Dave and I relaxed and watched the new movie Deadwood since we had been binge-watching the series again in preparation for the movie. It tied up the loose ends of the series nicely, but I hated for it to end.

Watch the trailer


Sunday we had planned on my son Chris coming over to help move some furniture before they went to play golf, I had already made plans for my friend Michelle to come hang out in the pool with me. Unfortunately, Chris had worked all night so the furniture did not get moved, the guys did play in the golf tournament, but we had a bad storm move in which delayed us girls getting in the pool for a while, and tore the heck out of Dallas and Richardson. You may have seen the news about the crane accident that killed one person and damaged a neighboring apartment complex. It was horrible. Well, Chris got called into work after only playing 7 holes of golf, he ended up at that disaster site and worked until midnight. (He works for a disaster restoration company). Kerry and Michelle hung out with us until about 10:30 and Dave and I again retired to our boudoir. 😉

He (my husband) has been so caring, loving, and affectionate this weekend, assuring me of how much he loves me and how he hopes we have another 34 years together, and I of course, returned his affections. Usually, the timing has been such in the past that we would be on our vacation during our anniversary, but we made due with an at home staycation, lol. It has been lovely! Oh yes, I forgot to mention, Sunday he also bought me a new bathing suit while we were at Academy (he had been looking for a new visor, but did not find one). It was actually a top to go with some bottoms I already had and some bottoms to go with other tops I have. Either way, the tops is super cute and very comfortable!

Yesterday, we started the day by going to the doctor, I have surgery scheduled for the 27th of this month to repair my screwed up knee. It should buy me another five years before I have to do a total knee replacement. Then we went and took care of some personal business and continued our search for a new refrigerator. Ours was gifted to us with this house four years ago, it’s an LG with the freezer on the bottom and Dave is ready for a side-by-side. He HATES this refrigerator! The drawer has never worked and neither has the ice-maker. The search was fruitless, however, and he decided we would go online and purchase one. Then I took my dad to his physical therapy, went by the grocery store with him and to his house for a few games of pool. Back at home, Dave and I enjoyed leftover burgers (mine bun less of course) and started watching a new series on Netflix called Dead to Me with Christina Applegate. It is dark, funny, and instantly likeable. We watched 3 episodes and are now hooked!

Today everything is back to normal, yet I am still hungover with happiness at how nice our weekend was. I am sure I left many things out, but I hope I hit the highlights and you all enjoyed the story.



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