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SYW-Share Your World-I Guess Better Late Than Never for All Of Us!

Well, I guess we are all late to the party so I guess I’m in good company anyway!

Here are the questions for today and I’ll follow each with my answers. Play along if you want by following this link here.


(click on the link for a cool graphic)

Do you think there is such a thing as a ‘gendered’ brain? Well, I’m not sure what that means but I’m gonna go check it out and get back to you on that. Ok, after checking out Gina Rippon and Wikipedia, I guess my answer is no. The brain is complex and I don’t profess to understand all of it, but from a scientific standpoint, I can find nothing supporting this theory.

What is the silliest fear you have? I’m not scared of much, so this one took a minuteI think it’s that I fear we will be too old to enjoy our retirement when we finally get to (actually the fear is more like we will never get to retire, lol)

Out of your family members, who are you closest to? I’m to understand this is not including spouse and children? In that case, I would have to say my dad. My brother and my dad are all that is left and I spend a lot of time with him. Before my mom died, I would have said it was her. I have four half sisters I was not raised with, we don’t talk much except for one, and when we do talk, its like we’ve been besties forever. I really should call her more often.

What is something you’ll NEVER do again? Once upon a time, my brother dragged me to the top of a very tall water slide in Arlington, Tx called the Das Stuka or something. NEVER again!!! I’m so small, my entire body came off the slide before I finally hit the water and got an instant water enema! Once of that was enough!!!

If you’d like, please share a photo or a comment about something good that’s happened recently! Thanks! We went to the casino on Saturday but before we went to WinStar, our destination, we checked out a smaller casino next door. The first game we played we hit for $1,000 and some change. We cashed out and went to WinStar and came home with $1300. 🙂


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