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Word of the Day prompt-Daddy-06/16/2019

My dad visiting us when we lived in Groves, Tx around 6 years ago

Thats my dad pictured above, one of our best days with him getting to come to Groves and go out on our boat (which we no longer have now that we are back in Ft Worth) I’m lucky enough to still have him with me.

Gus, my dad, lives five minutes from my house in NRH, Tx and I visit him a few times a week, take him to all his appointments, and enjoy lunch every Wednesday followed by however many games of pool we have the strength for. I have never called him Daddy, he’s always been Dad to me. However, I do call my husband Daddy, a pet name, and it’s his day as well!

I’m always happy to treat my dad and honor him in every way, because I believe the man is a saint. He took care of my mom while raising my oldest son (long story) and working a full time job until he was 80!!

He is much thinner now, his dr made him give up bread, sugar, and pasta, I try to help him with his diet and medication, but he is resistant to some of my ideas. He has had triple bypass surgery, a stint two years later, and is scared to death of eggs. I try to tell him they are ok now, but he refuses to eat anything but egg beaters.

He also suffers from deafness, so I took him to a new dr and got him great hearing aids. He has Parkinson’s Syndrome and has a severe tremor in his right arm. I wish it was his left, he would still be able to write and eat with no trouble. He deals with it as best he can.

Dad and my bro Kevin.

I love him and am so greatful that he adopted me when he married my mom. They enjoyed 51 years together before she passed from complications of PKD. My hubby has dinner all ready to celebrate him for Father’s Day. Luckily, he enjoys cooking. As soon as the present thunderstorm passes, we will all chow down!

I hope everyone who still has their dad celebrated him today. Happy Fathers Day to all my followers/readers who are dads. 😊


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