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What’s the deal today? How is everyone out there in the blogosphere doing? Well, I am happy to report that I myself am great after stepping on the scale and seeing that I am down to 109lbs from 115! It’s a small victory, yet an important one because that means my keto lifestyle seems to be working for me, or am I working it? Anyway, I’ve been out of my Keto/Nat for several weeks now, but it is on the way!!

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For those who may not have read my earlier posts on the subject, I have been using exogenous ketones from a company called Pruvit, and they taste delicious and provide me with all-day energy, focus, drive, and burn fat like crazy! Just by drinking your morning beverage, it puts you into instant ketosis, even if you don’t do the diet 100%!! Which means, all this time I’ve been out of them, I’ve had to work extra hard, avoid temptation, and use all the tricks in my toolbox to not gain weight. Seeing that I’ve lost several pounds just made my day!

Realize this folks, I’m 4’9″ so even a little extra weight shows on me. 🙂 Plus, I’m always harder on myself in the summer because I’ve never liked clothes much, and I like to look decent in a swimsuit. I want to stay healthy and fit as I get older, so when we EVER get to retire, I don’t look unattractive while walking down the beach with my hubby. 😉 Forgive me for wanting to stay sexy for my man. Your motivation might be different than mine. I also want to stick around for him as long as possible, so I strive to stay healthy and these drinks and other products help me do just that. They enhance the keto lifestyle I already live.

Maybe you want extra energy to keep up with your kids and/or busy lifestyle. Maybe you need to be able to lift that brain fog you get from eating processed foods like bread, pasta, and packaged goods. Maybe you’re an athlete who wants to unleash the benefits of ketosis to increase physical stamina. Maybe you want a product that’s backed by scientists, nutritionists, and doctors all over the globe. I don’t know, but what I do know is these products work, and I’d like to Pruvit to you by having you try a sample.

If you have questions or want to try a sample, just let me know in the comments. Full disclosure: They are not free. However, I can show you the way to save 22% on future shipments and/or learn how to be a promoter (like me) yourself and get a free product in your fourth month of auto-shipments. So, a 5-day sample will set you back a mere $35 and 10-day costs $70. I should have done the 10-day myself, because it’s a better deal, and I wouldn’t have run out so quickly.

I want you all to want better for yourself. More energy, less fatigue, better cell regeneration, lower inflammation because that is what the root of most disease is. Let’s get healthy together and live our best lives! Who’s with me??


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