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Save money, earn money!

Good morning and welcome to Amazon Prime Days y’all!! This week, today and tomorrow are Amazon Prime Days!

That’s got me feeling rowdy and excited! What’s the big deal you ask?? Well, do you like to save money? Do you want to earn money??

Listen up then, and I’ll tell you how to accomplish both in one fell swoop! (By the way, I’ve already done this myself this morning, woop!!!)

Ok, if you have an Amazon Prime account, today you can save tons of money buying stuff you need, or want, or maybe start your Christmas shopping early. They are really pushing for the tech stuff, yet look around, there’s lots more to be had.

If you don’t have a Prime account, yet still want to take advantage of the sales today and tomorrow, you can get a 30-day free trial, buy your stuff, then cancel or keep it! It’s that simple.

Now, if you want to earn money, and you have Ibotta, what you do is launch Amazon through your Ibotta app, then go shopping…save up to 6% on anything you purchase through Amazon Prime today and tomorrow!! Win, win!!! Now if you don’t have Ibotta yet, it’s very simple to get. Find me on Facebook and check out this morning’s post from me. Inside is a link with my special referral code, when you download Ibotta through this link, (or the highlighted link in this post) and I will get credit and you will get $10 just for downloading the app! Then, you can open the app and it will direct you to several different places you can shop, one being Amazon. Click on that and start shopping for the things you would normally buy. You will then save up to 6% on qualifying purchases.

I myself bought an Essential Oil kit with a travel case by Lagunamoon (a very good deal) and some xanthan gum for all my keto cooking recipes!

Get super deals on Amazon Echo, televisions, gaming systems, Amazon Fire Sticks, and more, especially if you are one of those rowdy gamers! If not, check out all the other super sales going on, but don’t forget to download the Ibotta app first, then launch Amazon from there, that way you get up to 6% back!!!

Happy shopping everyone!

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