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Accident Prone or Just Bad Luck

Gotta love the fancy footwear…Not!


So here I am on day 2 with the boot, my crutches, and my challenges. Dave’s got to work of course, and I have to manage by myself the best I can.

Today that meant no coffee, I mean, how am I supposed to get a hot cup of coffee transported while on crutches? Not gonna happen. I relayed this and he said he would find me a thermos like his and make me a cup before he went to work. That man of mine is a keeper!

He goes in at o dark thirty, or I’d just get up with him. 😉

So knowing all of my other injuries and issues, the bad knee and the back injury with the sciatica I was already dealing with, you can imagine how uncomfortable all this is. I have to change positions frequently or get up and move around to keep my back from going out. My leg and foot are still numb, and now I can’t do my therapy because I can’t move my broken foot.

I know I sound like an old lady, but really, I’m just having a bad run of luck! I’m not a klutz either, I just have a rickety body. Knees that try to buckle on occasion or twist, the back injury was a result of lifting a heavy child and attempting to put her in a high chair table, and the foot…well, I was in the dark and stepped on a dog chew bone and rolled my ankle til it broke. I guess you could say I’ve been accident prone-I choose to believe it’s bad luck.

The “walking boot” is not to have weight put on it, but hey, I have to feed myself and I found that a light touch of the toe or heel provides a little stability as I fumble around in the kitchen. Thank God the guys took out a partial wall so we have a pass-through window. I fix my meal or drink and set it on the ledge, the hobble around to my couch in the living room, sit down, and reach up behind me to grab it.

I’m kind of “nesting” right now, I keep my laptop, paper and pen, iPad, phone, and something to drink around me on the couch and the side table. I’ve learned how to hold the laptop or iPad inside my arm next to one crutch, and carefully make my way into the room. I can’t do that with a cup of hot coffee though! 😂

I’m trying to use this time to write more, maybe I’ll make some side money while I’m down if I’m lucky. I’m crafting a story for the Hackathon, so wish me luck, the prize money is very good if you get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.

I’m also taking a free course on editing, I would love to add editing to my resume!

I may be a hot mess, either accident prone or just unlucky, but I’m trying to make the best of it. What are you working on? I’d love to hear about it, maybe even get some new ideas!

Happy Tuesday-Write on!


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