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Another Day in the Life-Progress Notes and Anecdotes


Afternoon everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying your Wednesday so far!

I’m happy to say I feel much better today, unlike yesterday when I had a throbbing headache most of the day. I don’t know what that was all about, I’m just glad it’s gone!

My wonderful man made my coffee for me (and poured it in a thermos) and set it and a cup by my chair this morning! That may be why I feel better, I didn’t have my shot of caffeine yesterday morning 😉

After that and checking my emails, finishing my free editing mini-course, and catching up on social media, I made myself a quick breakfast of salami and cheese, a boiled egg, and half a grapefruit. I certainly can’t cook right now, so nothing is going on with my other blog right now. Maybe it is time for another change, something broader than just Keto, like possibly all things dealing with alternative health.

After breakfast I went to clean up-I really need a shower but made do with washing my face and brushing my teeth, then applying a light amount of spackle to make myself look like something better than a character off of The Walking Dead 🤣🤣 Dave promises to help me shower when he gets home. Hopefully, sweeping my dirty hair up into a bun and tucking all that under a cap will make me presentable (in case I get a visitor).

For a good bit I worked on applying the tips I learned in the editing class to polish up that story I’m working on for the Hackathon, then my laptop threatened to die, so I had to get it back on the plug. That’s quite a feat, carrying that back to the dining room (my temp office) from my couch in the living room (my current office 🤣) on crutches. It can be done, albeit ever so carefully 😉

I have other stories that need to be written, maybe I’ll start one on paper and transfer it to Word later. I feel the need to keep producing and try to make some money while I’m convalescing. Wish me luck.

My fur-babies are tucked in on either side of me, I hate to disturb them while they are so comfy, maybe I’ll just color for awhile and watch an episode of Stranger Things. Luckily, I ate breakfast later than usual so I’m not starving for lunch yet. Lunch lately has been a pkg of Shorty Sausages and what I call Keto Cheetos (because the entire little bag is only 10 carbs.) The writing can wait a bit while an idea percolates in my brain.

I appreciate the well wishes, private messages, and phone calls from my friends. Two of you have promised to visit, I love having that to look forward to! ❤️ I hope your day is great and you don’t mind me sharing my daily thoughts with you, if it gets to be too much, I can scale it back to weekly until I’m back on my feet and my regular schedule. Happy Hump Day everybody 😊


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